90-day Fiance: Eve ignites rumors that Mohammed split after being spotted with a new man


Yves Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed from 90 Day Fiancé may have broken up after a photo of Yves with a mysterious man appeared online. Single mother Eve was smitten with Mohamed, a man 24 years her junior, when he slipped into her private messages to compliment her toned body. Yves also noticed Mohamed’s interest in fitness thanks to his six-pack abs photos, and two weeks later, a 48-year-old woman and her 24-year-old boyfriend confessed that they were in love. Two months later, Yves took a leap of faith and flew to Egypt. Mohamed immediately gave Willow a ring with a red ruby, and they decided to get married.

But Mohamed showed Willow a different side upon arriving in the US. He began by complaining that Willow had not installed a bidet in her bathroom. Mohamed claimed that he was looking for a woman who would love him like a mother and cook him breakfast. He didn’t like it when Eve showed off too much skin or was in close proximity to an unknown man, even when a plumber was installing his bidet. In a later episode, Mohamed made life unbearable for Yves and the fans by constantly saying that he wanted to get a green card as soon as possible. If they don’t get married quickly and if it causes a delay in processing his documents, Mohamed also said that he will look for a new sponsor so that he can work in the country.

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Over the past 14 weeks, fans have discovered many reasons for the incompatibility of Yves and Mohamed. On Sunday evening, he even admitted that he did not like her friends and expressed distrust of Eve’s spirituality. Therefore, when Reddit user u/The_Chuckness88 posted a photo of a fan who accidentally met Yves at an event dedicated to Selena Quintanilla in Albuquerque, many commentators were delighted. They noticed that Eve was smiling a lot, more than ever on the TLC show in the photo. The original poster mentioned that the star of the 9th season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days” Mohamed was nowhere to be seen at Selena’s party, which further excited Yves’ well-wishers. And then they noticed that in addition to the TLC viewer and Yves, there was also a third person in the picture.

“I hope the man behind her is her new boyfriend,” wrote Here_4_drama. Another Yogabbagabba2341 fan asked if Eve was dating a mysterious man, and added that if so, “it’s a HUGE update.” Mohamed’s absence from Eve gave fans reason to wonder if Eve had abandoned him. And since Eve looked pleased and smiled broadly at the camera as she posed with a fan, they assumed it was because Mohamed had finally passed away from the life of the star of 90-day fiance Eve and returned to Egypt. Fans were angered by Eve when she recently congratulated Mohamed on his birthday on her Instagram. Eve shared her first photo with Mohamed along with her more than 35.7 thousand followers, as well as other romantic photos and videos.

Eve’s post for Mohamed gave the impression that they were still together as of July 2022. In addition, the January Instagram video on which Eve was tagged supposedly shows her wedding bouquet. Eve also thanked the page for making her “day” special in her now-deleted comment. The video was published in January of this year, when, according to fans of 90 Day Fiancé, Yves and Mohamed got married. But if they really broke up after the wedding, this is what viewers can find out when the 9th season of the 90-day Groom is released.


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