90-day Fiance: Eric Rosenbrook & Leida Margarita together in 2022?


Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margareta are arguably the most controversial 90-day-old groom couple of all time, which has many viewers wondering if this chaotic duo will still be together in 2022. Leida became one of the biggest villains in the expanded franchise because of the way she treated Eric’s daughter, and Eric joined his wife’s villain status by supporting her decision to kick a teenage girl out of the house. Eric and Leida have been supportive of each other and they’ve had some issues over the years, which makes their status in 2022 even more uncertain for fans.

American father Eric was 40 years old when he met 29-year-old Indonesian Leida on an international dating site. The former US Marine worked as an avionics technician, and Leida boasted that she worked at various jobs in her country. The pathological liar claimed to have worked as a model and clinician, among other things. Leida became infamous for her tall tales, although she became one of the most despised actors of the 90-day Groom series of all time after she kicked Eric’s teenage daughter Tasha out of their house and after an argument received a restraining order against a young girl.

Leida showed herself to be a ruthless person, although Eric Rosenbrook supported her decisions. Many viewers thought it would only be a matter of time before Leida turned her back on Eric. However, the couple shockingly withstood it from the 6th season of “90 Day FiancĂ©”. It looks like Eric and Leida have recently deleted their Instagram accounts. However, the last time it was reported that they are still together. The couple stayed in Wisconsin and bought a house together at the end of 2020. Leida was eager to share her love for the United States with her followers. According to the latest report, Leida has also established a relationship with Tasha. Leida and the young women became close because of their love of cosplay and settled their differences.

Leida and Eric may have disappeared on social media, but there are probably many reasons why the 90-day-old groom duo prefers to keep things secret. The couple received a huge negative reaction from fans of 90 Day Fiancé because of the way they treated Tasha. Leida even claimed that they were threatened with death. Meanwhile, her very conservative Instagram account also angered some viewers. Eric and Leida proudly defended their conservative beliefs, continuing to address their critics. It seems that similar beliefs kept Eric and Leida together and brought success to their stormy relationship, although this did not help their popularity in the franchise.

Eric and Leida may have reached a big milestone in 2020 when they bought a house together. However, their story has not always been positive. Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margareta have been involved in a domestic dispute in the past, in which cops chased Leida after she allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened to kill herself. Eric claimed that he was trying to protect Leida during the incident, and since then this behavior has not been repeated. It seems that Eric and Leida surprised many fans of the “90-day groom” by being one franchise couple who are still together.