90-day fiance: Emily honestly talks about her struggle with excess weight


Emily Biberli from the 9th season of the TV series “Bride for 90 Days” tells fans about her weight loss successes and problems on Instagram. 29-year-old Emily and 34-year-old Kobi Blaze met at a nightclub in Xi’an, China. Emily wasn’t looking for anything serious when she turned to lingerie model Kobe, but now fans are watching their wedding preparations on TLC. Emily found out she was pregnant after a stormy engagement in China. However, when Emily returned home and Kobe flew back to Cameroon to work on his K-1 visa applications, COVID-19 disrupted their plans, leading to a two-year separation.

Kobi was unable to witness the birth of his child and Emily’s child. But in season 9 of the TV series “90 days of the groom”, Kobi finally met his one and a half-year-old child Koban. Kobe noticed that Emily had changed physically as much as he had during their separation, and specifically pointed out her weight gain. Since then, Emily has been sharing her transformation journey with her fans on social media. In April, Emily announced that she had lost 18 pounds. Although Emily didn’t reveal her weight loss plan, her biceps flex smiley face hinted that she was working hard. Recently, Emily has been supporting the interest of her Instagram followers in her fitness transformation by posting small snippets about her achievements and losses, as well as about her diet after pregnancy.

Emily recently took to Instagram to talk about how she goes to the pool with Koban and her friend’s daughter, as well as about the swimsuit she was going to wear. Emily admitted that she has been keeping the same weight for a month, and this worries her. “I know I exercise and eat healthy,” added Kansas resident Emily. She admitted that she was a little discouraged to see that she had reached a plateau of weight loss. However, then Emily decided to take measurements. “And it turned out that I lost two, almost two and a half inches in the waist,” Emily shared.

Emily used her experience to remind her fans that the scale ultimately doesn’t say everything. “At the end of the day, it’s just numbers,” Emily explained. The cute swimsuit that Emily bought earlier had no support in the chest area, so in the end she decided to “squeeze” into the top that she had had since she was the “smallest” of Emily. She paired the top with her favorite high-waisted trousers. Celebrity 90-day fiance Emily also shared her favorite cookbooks that she used to cook her Instagram-worthy meals these days. It was noticed that she asked her subscribers to share with her their favorite workout songs.

Although Emily may not be allowed to talk about it yet, there are rumors that she and Kobe had a second child after Kobane. Fans claim to have noticed Emily and Kobi in New York, where they filmed “Know-it-All” a couple of weeks ago. A couple of 90-day-old grooms had a young child, who is presumably the new daughter of Emily and Kobe. The birth of two unexpected children in a row may have forced the “90-day groom” star to change her weight loss routines. But despite the fact that Emily gave birth to a baby just a few months ago, she does not allow her fitness to take a back seat, inspiring her fans to follow her example as she continues to lose centimeters and kilograms.