90-Day Fiance: David Tobolowsky & Caleb Greenwood Team Up for Dance Video


The star of the popular franchise “90-day groom” Caleb Greenwood staged a dance battle with David Toborowski and asked fans who did it better. Viewers may remember Caleb by his appearance in the fifth season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: up to 90 days” together with his Russian partner Alina Kozhevnikova. The couple found each other on Facebook, and after 13 years of friendship online, they decided to see if they could turn their friendship into a romance. During the season, Caleb and Alina met for the first time in Turkey, but the spark did not fly. After spending some time together, the Arizona native broke up with Alina, and they returned to their homeland.

Although Caleb and Alina have decided to break up, they are still great friends. In fact, the 28-year-old reality TV star helped Alina escape from Russia and settle in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her best friend Elijah. Alina is not the only one from the popular franchise with whom Caleb has a good relationship. He is also quite friendly with one of the 90-day groom’s iconic couples, David Toborowski and Annie Suwan. Two months ago, the trio met in Scottsdale to spend time together and eat tacos.

The actors of the “90-day groom” franchise Caleb and David got together again, but this time for dancing. David posted a video on Instagram in which he dances to the famous song “Coincidence” performed by the musical group “Handsome Dancer”. Caleb danced to the same music and shared his video with David’s dance clip next to it in an Instagram post. Although the reality TV stars danced in different places, it seemed like they staged a dance battle in the same room. Demonstrating his dancing skills, Caleb asked the 90 Day FiancĂ© audience if they thought he could do the movement better than David.

Since the former star of the 90-day Fiance franchise, Caleb mostly had a stoic expression on his face in the series, fans were amazed to see his funny side. An Instagram user commented: “I can’t choose who will win. I feel that everyone is equally able to work with TikTok.” Another user chimed in: “LMAO!!! We should go with David.” Someone else wrote: “Come on, Caleb. You need to rock more!!” Although fans liked Caleb’s twerking to the beats, the fans’ reaction suggests that David won the dance battle. Alina also agreed that her American ex-boyfriend does not know how to twerk and he needs to learn how to shake him.

Since Caleb and David live just 25 minutes away from each other, fans may see them dancing together again in the future. Meanwhile, David is busy losing weight, and Caleb is hiding in social networks. From time to time, he posts funny content on Instagram and promotes his Cameo account. Although Caleb has been absent from the small screen for a while, it seems that fans of “The 90-day Groom” still find him quite interesting.