90-day fiance: Caleb shared a retro emo photo from his teenage years


The former star of the 90-day Fiance franchise, Caleb Greenwood, recently showed off his teenage emo image by posting an old photo of himself on Instagram. Fans may know the Arizona native from the 5th season of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days”, where he appeared with Alina Kozhevnikova. The former couple became friends ten years ago on social media, but lost touch. Coincidentally, they met again on Tinder, which pushed them into a romantic relationship. Caleb and Alina had a unique relationship in the series, which was full of doubts due to the genetic disease of the Russian actor. However, TLC interrupted their storyline due to Alina’s past racist comments.

After their breakup, Alina was doing different things in her life, and Caleb became friends with other participants of the show. In July 2022, he shared a story on Instagram, hinting at an appearance in the “Diaries of 90 Days”. In the post, the 28-year-old reality TV star is preparing for a virtual date with her new lover Sabina. Then they discussed how to take their relationship to a new level and meet in person to strengthen the bond. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have worked out between Caleb and Sabine.

Recently, Caleb shared a retro photo in which he looked completely different from his usual self. In the picture, the former cast of 90 Day Fiancé is wearing a black T-shirt, which seems to be an attribute of the Swedish heavy metal band In Flames. He was rocking medium-length wavy hair while standing next to his friend with a facial piercing. However, the old emo attitude of Caleb stood out the most in the photo, which stinks of the early 2000s. The star of the 90-day groom called the photo “Baby Caleb”, but did not tell about her background.

Caleb is no stranger to posting cute retro photos to his Instagram followers. Earlier this year, he shared his childhood photos from kindergarten. He wrote that fans of 90 Day Fiancé asked to see him with short hair, so he decided to post some photos before his hair grows back. Fans adored Caleb’s post and showered him with compliments about how well his hair had grown over the years. While most viewers of 90 Day Fiancé said they preferred him with shorter hair, some argued that his long hairstyle was better.

Recently, Caleb has been busy feuding on social media with “True Crimes and Cocktails” co-host Lauren Ash. In addition to this drama, he creates pleasant content for his Instagram page and marks his other colleagues in the film. One of such actors of the “90-day groom” is Arizona native David Toborowski, who is his closest friend on the series. It’s nice to see that in the short time he’s been on the show, Caleb has focused on building friendships, rather than a thirst for influence. Perhaps that’s why many fans want to see him on the small screen again. He may return to the spin-off 90 Day Fiancé, 90 Day: The Single Life, with a new partner.


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