90-Day Fiance: Ben Finally Reveals Why the Mahogany House Looks Fake


A few months after 90 Day Fiancé, fans accused Mahogany Rock of showing her fake house on 90 Day Fiancé: before 90 Days, Ben Rathbun told exactly what happened. Ben, 52, from Michigan, met Mahogany from Peru when she sent him a friend request after seeing photos of him shirtless. Ben fell in love with Mahogany, who, in his opinion, was 24 years old, but he had not yet communicated with her via video link when he debuted on TLC three months later. Ben’s family and friends insisted that mahogany was a catfish, as all her photos were carefully filtered.

However, Ben continued to insist that the Mahogany was real, and even went to her hometown of San Bartolo to meet her. Ben made fans uncomfortable by constantly texting Mahogany, despite the fact that she saw him as a ghost at the airport. When she finally agreed to meet Ben, fans saw that Mahogany didn’t look like the girl in the photos at all. Moreover, Mahogany wasn’t sure she was dating Ben and wanted him to meet her parents, for which she threw a party at her house. The story got even more complicated when Mahogany gave Ben a tour of the uncomfortable apartment, which had bunk beds, travel brochures and even a surfboard without any decorations indicating that she lived there. From what Ben knew, Mahogany stayed with her parents, and the fact that she suddenly stayed in an expensive apartment, which, as he could tell, was not her home, aroused additional suspicions in the former pastor.

Mahogany’s apartment was as mysterious as she was, but the whole situation did not come up during the general conversation, when fans were waiting for answers. However, now Ben has dispelled any doubts that viewers of the 90-day groom had about Mahogany’s “house”. Ben spoke with TV presenter, podcaster and comedian Sarah Fraser on The Sarah Fraser Show, where he admitted in a preview video that, although it’s not Airbnb, as fans thought, it’s still an apartment with a monthly rent. Ben tried to defend Mahogany, adding that she never used the $1,000 she borrowed from him on the spot. According to Ben, winter in Peru is when it’s summer in America, and everything is very inexpensive, since there are not so many tourists. This is also the time when Ben and Mahogany were filming for the show. Ben explained that there are all these empty apartments that people can rent out on the cheap. “So she rents the apartment, you know, seasonally, and it belongs to her,” Ben shared.

However, Mahogany did not want to move everything or decorate this place, because she planned to stay there for only six or seven months. Summer in Peru is when the participant of the series “90-day groom” Mahagoni leaves and returns to stay with her parents in their house. “So she just lived there,” Ben added. He addressed the fact that fans assumed Mahogany’s apartment didn’t belong to her and she was only there “for a week or something.” Ben assured viewers that this is, after all, Mahogany’s house, and that she continues to do so by renting it out in the off-season.

When fans saw Mahogany’s apartment on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, they were sure she was a fraud and nothing about her, including her parents, was real. But over time, they realized that Mahogany is just a 22—year-old girl who likes to use filters on social networks and carefully reports her real age and address to an elderly man on the Internet. In addition, some wondered if Mahogany was avoiding showing his real home on camera in order to broadcast it around the world through a reality show. Some even praised Mahogany for putting her safety first. Now that the mystery of Mahogany’s 90-day-old celebrity fiancee’s apartment has finally been solved, only one question remains: are she and Ben together?