90-day fiance: Angela shares a photo before and after the dental treatment procedure


Angela Dim showed photos before and after the last dental surgery, which she underwent on the 90th day of the groom. The reality TV star from Georgia started a relationship with Nigerian Michael after meeting him on social media in 2017. Angela first appeared in the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: Up to 90 Days” when she met Michael in person, but their relationship was not a piece of cake due to cultural and age differences with trust issues. Fans hated Angela bossing Michael around just because she could give him a green card. However, even after they got married, despite numerous breakups, Michael has been waiting for his K-3 visa for two years.

The wait, which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, made the “90-day Groom” star look younger for Michael, so she decided to have weight loss surgery. Angela lost about 110 pounds in just eight months because Michael was against her going under the knife. In the end, Michael recovered, and Angela continued to undergo various operations. But the biggest thing she was waiting for was dental surgery. Angela had an accident when she was 18 years old, and over time, due to smoking and menopause, her teeth fell out, which made Angela insecure. In the Diaries of 90 Days, Angela spoke about her desire to get rid of the dentures she received at the age of 18 and install implants.

In the 8th episode of the 4th season of “Diaries for 90 Days”, Angela’s periodontist, Dr. Matt Asaro, explained that he would give Angela a non-removable lower prosthesis on her lower arch and an upper ordinary prosthesis on her upper arch. To do this, they had to remove Angela’s bad teeth and clean out all infections in order to undergo bone grafting “as much as possible” to increase the area. After the episode, Angela posted a photo collage before and after the transformation of the smile, which was shared by Dr. Asaro. Angela posts videos on Instagram showing her new smile. The complicated procedure took five hours, and Michael kept Angela company on the phone before she went into surgery. Angela started to wake up in the middle of the operation, but she was anesthetized again.

Crazy Angela woke up and, seeing her smile, asked herself: “Who is this bitch?” Angela now smiles more confidently than before, knowing that her teeth do not rot from the inside. Angela couldn’t function because of the pain and throbbing in her mouth. At first, fans couldn’t see the damage on the inside of the reality TV star Angela’s mouth. However, in the last four or five years that Angela has lived with Michael, her teeth have deteriorated so much that he could see it. Angela was talking about Michael telling her he loved her. “Mouths infuriate me,” admitted Angela. She knew that her own mouth annoyed Michael.

Angela belonged to the high-risk group because of her smoking. When someone who smokes gets dental implants, the risk of failure is much higher. The implants had to take root in the bone, so Angela decided that every time she wanted to smoke, she would look at herself in the mirror. The dentist told Angela to quit smoking so that the operation would be successful. Unfortunately, Angela was caught by fans of 90 Day Fiancé smoking earlier this month at a party, although she claims to have reduced smoking.


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