90-day bride: Yara tells how she lost weight after pregnancy


Ahead of her 90-day fiance: happily ever after? Back, Yara Zaya shares her weight loss secrets with her fans on Instagram. 27-year-old Yara was a byword after her debut in the 8th season of the TV series “90 days of the groom”. married Jovi Dufresne for money. Yara became pregnant as soon as she arrived in the US, and then a hasty wedding in Vegas with Jovi was perceived by many as a red flag.

But fans eventually fell in love with Yara when she called Jovi an irresponsible father and husband who was interested in strip clubs and drinking. Yara’s influence on social media has grown overnight. She started selling the clothes she wore on the groom’s 90th day through her Yara Zaya store. Yara also launched her own cosmetics line, and although fans reproached her for importing goods from China, almost all of her collections began to sell out. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé love to watch Yara embrace motherhood and spend time with her baby Mila while she is engaged in her entrepreneurial activities.

And besides the fact that Yara inspired fans of 90 Day Fiancé with her business skills, they were interested in how she managed to maintain her slim figure despite the fact that she had a child. Although Yara was never too heavy on the show or on social media, she very quickly returned to her toned body after giving birth. Despite the fact that Mila was born to Yara and Jovi for more than a year and a half, the Ukrainian star still receives questions like “how did you lose weight?” on Instagram. One of Yara’s Instagram followers asked if she was on some kind of special diet, and if so, what she was eating. Yara told a curious fan: “Gym, healthy food. That’s it.”

To prove how her simple habits help her achieve her fitness goals, Yara shared a selfie from the gym. She was wearing white leopard-print biker shorts and a beige T-shirt, which she held up to show off her sports bra and the firm abs that peeked out from under it. In the past, those who do not believe that Yara has such an ideal figure, which even Barbie would envy, studied with a reality show star. When she was accused of editing her abs and using Photoshop on her body, Yara snapped at her 90-day fiance’s critics and told them that it was the result of long, hard hours spent in the gym, and not some kind of filter or luck.

Those who followed Yara from the very beginning of her 90-day journey as a bride may have noticed that she lost even more weight after the birth of her first child. Yara likes to flaunt her body in luxurious designer clothes, which she easily wears. Yara never had to resort to plastic surgery to lose weight, as she was busy with early awakenings and walks during pregnancy, as well as portions consisting of the healthiest foods that help her feel happy. After all, Yara’s happiness on Instagram is contagious, and the problems in her family life are connected, which guarantees a 90-day fiance: happily ever after? The star continues to appear on television every Sunday night to flaunt his fitness and his family.