90-day Bride: Yara shares details of new controversial plastic surgery


The former star of the TV series “90-day groom” Yara Zaya recently shared that she underwent breast augmentation surgery because she became insecure after several months of breastfeeding her daughter. Viewers may know the 27-year-old girl by her appearance in season 8 with her American husband Jovi Dufresne. The couple found each other through a dating app for travelers and finally met in Budapest. After two years of relationship, Yara moved to America to marry Jovi. The native of Ukraine has always been popular for her attractive appearance, and the viewers of 90 Day Fiancé were curious whether she chose cosmetic procedures.

Back in 2021, Yara denied that she had artificial breasts and hips when a curious fan asked her if she had silicone implants. But the young mother had previously admitted that she had undergone one specific procedure. A few years ago, a video of Yara from an old Ukrainian reality show appeared on the network, in which she proudly talked about her pinching and tightening procedure. Although Yara did not admit it on Instagram, she later appeared in the 8th season of “90 Day Fiancé Tell-All” and confirmed the rumors about her nose job. Yara also admitted that she often made lip fillers.

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Yara, a graduate of 90 Day Fiancé, openly talked about her cosmetic procedures, and recently she told fans about her new plastic surgery. She said that she enlarged the breasts of the popular plastic surgeon Angela Dim Michael K. Obenga. She said, “I had a breast lift and implants,” explaining that she became insecure about her breasts after feeding Maila for 17 months. Yara also added that she needed help because of a pre-existing anatomical problem. In another Instagram story, the star of the 8th season of the TV series “90-day groom” said that she would not have agreed to the operation if she had not breastfed her daughter.

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However, she was happy that she did it, and she didn’t care if others judged her. Yara recently starred in a video of Dr. Obeng on Instagram, in which she talked about her procedure. She added that her new breasts look “beautiful and natural”, which she considers stylish. Yara said she didn’t want to look like a “porn star” or sexualize her body, and her new breasts fulfilled this task. The doctor also intervened, stating that Yara’s procedure was not just a “typical breast enlargement” and took about “3 hours”. Fans of the “90-day groom” are happy with the star of season 8, but some are a little confused. A fan asked what would happen if she had “another baby” in the future.

It’s nice to see that Yara has made changes that help her feel safer. Whether fans like plastic surgery or not, it helps people feel more confident in their body. In addition, she mentioned that she does not want to enlarge her breasts to show it like others. Yara was looking for something natural looking, correcting the uneven size. Fans can learn more about Yara’s insecurities about her breasts in the upcoming season of the spin-off “90-day Groom”.


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