90-day bride: Thais showed a body on the beach after rumors of a baby spread


The star of the “90-day groom” Tais Ramon tried to refute the news about her pregnancy by posting photos in a bikini. 31-year-old weightlifter Patrick Mendes told how he met his 25-year-old model girlfriend Thais. Patrick was on a trip to Brazil to reunite with his father when he met Thais on a dating app. The couple started talking and went on dates, and Patrick traveled to Brazil and back to spend time with Thais. Eventually, Thais moved to Austin, Texas to stay with Patrick, where she would share a house with his brother John Mendes. Thais is worried about John’s presence, and she has not told her father that she will marry Patrick in a month.

All’s well that ends well, and spoilers suggest that Patrick and Thais are still together. In fact, there are rumors that Thais is actually pregnant. After the 9th season of the TV series “Bride for 90 Days” was filmed in New York a few weeks ago in June, everyone told, there was news about the pregnancy of several actors. This includes confirming that Emily Biberli and Cobie Blaze are having a baby girl. The couple recently discovered that Emily is pregnant in the 13th episode of “The 90-day Groom.” Meanwhile, Kara Bass is also suspected of being pregnant by Guillermo Rojer. And then there is Thais, who is also supposedly pregnant, although her photos from the New York weekend have not been leaked.

Although Thais won’t be able to talk about her apparent pregnancy until the reunion episode finally airs on television, she may be getting questions about it online. Perhaps to answer these questions, Thais decided to post a photo of herself in a two-piece swimsuit. 90-day-old celebrity bride Thais was having fun in the pool with Patrick and their little dog Teodoro. In one selfie video, Thais showed how she manages to achieve perfect tanned skin on camera. She applied a mixture of radiance lotion and skin care oil to the whole body. In another video, Thais filmed her dog sitting on a float in the pool and swimming away from her after she slightly pushed the float.

Thais wrote that Teodoro was her floating away from her “haters”. The Brazilian model also taught her little puppy to swim. And later, Thais posted a video with her in a bikini on the beach. However, the photo of Thais in a bikini was strategically taken from the back so as not to show any part of her belly. It seems that Thais is trying her best not only to prove that she is not pregnant, but also to criticize critics who recently accused her of having plastic surgery and photoshopped her photos. She recently posted a new photo from the UFC stadium in Nevada, enjoying the fight. Fans claimed that Thais did not look like herself at all and she must definitely have a job.

Fans looked at Thais as a gold digger and assumed that Patrick may have paid for her new face. But Thais explained that she was just playing with the face adjustment app. In addition, rumors about Thais’ pregnancy really escalated when she posted another video in which she is depicted in a mirror in a cropped top and high-waisted shorts, and her face looks puffy. It also sparked a conversation about Thais getting fillers, but more 90 Day FiancĂ© fans think Thais is pregnant.