90-day Bride: Narckia Latan-Shodite’s path to weight loss in photos


After bariatric surgery in 2019, Narkia Latan-Chaudipe, a graduate of the 90 Day Fiancé program, works tirelessly to reduce weight. Many couples starred in the series, but fans are still surprised that American Narkia and Nigerian Olulovo Shodipe from season 4 are together today.

After meeting online through a social media platform focused on large-scale dating, their tumultuous relationship was threatened as Narkia caught Lawo lying for lying. His first lie was that he was a Nigerian prince. His second lie was that he lived in Alabama, when in fact he studied business in Vietnam. Finally, Lowo lied about the death of his former lover (and the mother of his child), who was actually still alive and communicating with Lowo.

Despite such a shaky start, Lowo moved to America to marry Narkia. Not only are the couple still together, they now have a daughter named Nifemi Denise. What is most remarkable about Narkia’s life is her weight loss of 100 pounds.

Drug addiction in 2019

To show the progress she has made over the past three years, she posted photos of herself before and after weight loss surgery. Eight months after the operation, Narkia lost 80 pounds, and at that time her maximum weight was 91 pounds. As Instagram shared in her post, she went from a tight-fitting size 24 to a size 16. The comments on the Instagram posts were full of enthusiasm and support, people told her that they were happy for her and that she looked amazing. One fan even remarked that Narcia was their inspiration for weight loss surgery.

Drug Addiction 2019 vs 2021

Continuing to show her successes, Narkia published a comparative update of her weight loss in early June 2021. In a mirror selfie very similar to the one she posted in 2019, Narkia’s outfits showed her weight loss between 2019 and 2021. Narkia, 2019. before” in the photo, she is depicted in a charcoal-gray robe. In the photo of the Drug “after” 2021, she is also depicted in dressing gowns, but these gowns change the rules of the game. Not only do her new robes accentuate her toned figure, but the bright purple colors and funny butterfly design are especially flattering. Fans sent a positive review to Narkia. energy in the comments.One fan actually asked Narkia if she would send them pointers to their own upcoming weight loss surgery.

Drug addiction in 2022

Narkia is doing well now, and one of her last posts for this year shows an update in which Narkia and Lowo are having a great time at the AfroNation Festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Swaying to the beat at the concert, Narkia shows off in beautiful dreadlocks, sunglasses and bold jewelry, including gold hoop earrings, bracelets and a thick gold chain. She also wore a beautiful salmon pink shirt that was tied at the waist. Narkia radiated confidence, enjoying a fun and carefree moment at the festival.

Narcia looked incredible before and after weight loss. Not only has she lost over 100 pounds, which she says saves her life, but she has also inspired fans to take control of their health. Despite the surprise of their lasting marriage, viewers of 90 Day Fiancé hope that Narkia and Louo will continue to thrive together as they build their family after the wedding.