90-day bride: Julia hints at life difficulties in connection with the post in IG


The star of the series “90-day groom” Yulia Trubkina excited fans with her recent Instagram post, which tells about her life struggle with Brandon Gibbs. Julia and Brandon, both 28 years old, debuted in the reality show in the 8th season of “90 Day Fiancé”. They met when Brandon’s friend forced him to video chat with Julia, a dancer at the club. On their first night of chatting, a man from Virginia, Brandon, decided that he was going to marry a Russian woman. Brandon’s wish came true when he and Julia got married in April 2020. But Brandon’s parents Ron and Betty Gibbs made sure to give Julia hell on their Dinwiddie farm when she stayed with them during her K-1 visa.

Since then, Brandon and Julia have moved out of his family farm and are exploring life outside of their comfort zone. Sometimes they visit Ron and Betty when they have to take their German Shepherds to the farm. In a recent issue of 90-day Diaries, Brandon and Julia explored Florida as an option after a man named Mark offered them a job painting a house. Brandon’s fans and family were concerned about the couple’s hasty decision, but Brandon and Julia confirmed that they decided not to leave Virginia. Brandon quit his job as a pest control expert, but they moved from their apartment in Richmond to Virginia Beach.

Julia said that they applied to the bank with a request to buy a house. They got their mortgage approved, and now they’re looking for a good local realtor. However, if fans thought Julia and Brandon had only good news, their hopes were dashed after her latest Instagram update. “Everything has been wrong with us lately,” Yulia admitted. According to Julia, the stars of the TV series “90 days of the bride”, her and Brandon’s plans are collapsing, friends are failing, phones are breaking down, and her health is deteriorating. In fact, Yulia added that she would have to go to the hospital “for a few days,” without revealing exactly what happened to her.

“We need to sort out the documents again before December, my green card expires,” Yulia continued in her confusing statement. Julia admitted that although she and Brandon are usually always positive and try not to show it, they are “squeezed like a lemon.” Julia then thanked her Instagram followers for the constant support they give them and for laughing at their funny videos on social networks. Fans were surprised and saddened to learn that their beloved couple of 90-day-old grooms Julia and Brandon are going through such a difficult time. “Guys, you can handle this,” one of the fans wrote to them in the comments.

Earlier this week, Julia announced that she was cut from the movie “The Groom for 90 Days: Happily ever After?”. for being Russian. Along with the fans, even Yulia’s colleague in the film “90-day groom” from Ukraine called on her to play the victim. Do fans suspect that Brandon and Julia could be filming for “Happily Ever After”? initially, but their fragments may have been transferred to the “Diaries of 90 Days” because Julia showed support for her country and community. Although this topic is being discussed, Julia is the one who keeps her Instagram followers up to date with almost everything that’s going on in her life and Brandon’s life, so it’s possible that the 90—day-old groom’s celebrity will share her grievances with those who care.