90-day Bride: Jenny Slatten and other stars who became glamorous after 50 years


Society may try to dictate when the heyday of women comes, but a number of women in the expanded franchise “90 Day Fiancé” live their most glamorous lives after 50 years. The popular TLC franchise may have started as a look at the K-1 visa process. for international couples looking to get married in the United States, but it has expanded to show numerous physical transformations. Several women from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, as well as a man, reinvented themselves in later years to the applause of the audience.

Over the past few years, makeup has become an important part of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Popular couples from the franchise have become the stars of several shows that tell about their physical transformations over the years. Meanwhile, other actors in the franchise broke up with their partners or were dumped, which led to them starting to change their image before dating again. The additional actors just made some changes with age to preserve their beauty and grace and proudly flaunt their appearance, regardless of their age.

There are two main catalysts that the stars of the “90-day groom” show a new image after 50 years. Some actors have weight loss surgeries that can dramatically change their lives. Not only do weight loss surgeries show that the stars of “90 Day Fiancé” lose weight dramatically, they also give the actors new confidence and often a more expressive style. Other stars of the franchise resort to plastic surgery procedures to change their appearance. However, diet, exercise and style changes are also an explanation for some of the transformations of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

Rebecca Parrott

Rebecca Parrott married a younger man Zied Hakimi in the 8th season of The 90-day Groom and decided to update her appearance after she turned 50. Rebecca turned to a special type of liposuction to correct areas of her body where she felt uncomfortable. The star of the series “90-day groom” Rebecca also filled her lips and some wrinkles on her face with fillers. Then Rebecca turned to makeup, hairstyle and styling to complete her transformation. An American grandmother is now living her best life in her 50s. Rebecca looks beautiful on social media, at the same time she is happy and seems to be safe in her marriage with Zied, despite their big age difference.

Angela Dim

Angela Dim has experienced one of the most dramatic transformations in the entire “90-day Groom” franchise. Waiting for her husband Michael Ilesanmi’s visa during 90 Day Fiancé: Happly Ever After? In season 6, Angela decided to focus all her attention on her appearance. Angela underwent drastic changes: she underwent weight loss and breast reduction surgery, followed by a number of other surgical and cosmetic procedures. The end result of the star of the 90-day groom was Angela’s dramatically thinner appearance, which instilled new confidence in her. Angela shamefully showed off her new breasts in front of the cameras in the season of “Say Everything” and she said she didn’t need a man. However, according to rumors, she returned to Michael after her transformation.

Jenny Slatten

Many women are planning their dream wedding in their 20s or 30s, but American Jenny Slatten represented the image of a beautiful bride in her 60s. It took Jenny a decade to convince her partner Sumit Singh to marry her. However, Jenny finally got her dream wedding at the age of 63 with her partner, who was 33 years old, during the 3rd season of the TV series “90-Day Groom: The Other Way.” Jenny wowed onlookers with her gorgeous looks as she donned a traditional Indian outfit to marry Sumit in full glamour. Many fans of 90 Day Fiancé doubted that Jenny would ever get her happy ending, but now she is living her best life over the age of 60 and has beautiful wedding photos to cherish.

Yolanda Leak

Yolanda Leake was not in the best place when she told about her 90-day fiance romance: up to 90 days. It was painfully obvious to fans of the franchise that Yolanda was deceived by a schematic fake Briton “Williams”. In the end, Yolanda realized that she was being deceived and left Williams. Since then, she has lived her best life over the age of 50. Yolanda’s Instagram is filled with images praising her health, happiness and beauty. Yolanda is full of confidence in her many makeup looks and looks very comfortable in her skin. She also stays in shape thanks to a healthy and balanced diet, which she is happy to share with her subscribers.

David Toborowski

David Toborowski is a man from the 90—Day Fiance franchise who experienced some of his best days over the age of 50. David was 48 years old when he met his current wife Annie Suwan in Thailand. David lived in extreme poverty and had to rely on his friend who sponsored Annie’s visa. However, over the past few years, David has radically changed his life. Now, when he is over 50, David’s health is noticeably better than in his younger years.