90-day Bride: Annie Suwan shows tiny waist amid rumors of surgery


Annie Souvan from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise looks very different in a recent Instagram video, which has generated new rumors about plastic surgery among curious viewers. Beautiful Annie has become a household name since she first starred in season 5 with David Toborowski, who is now her husband. Fans love Annie for her charm and attractiveness, as well as for how much she has changed David for the better since they got married. Not only is Annie a prominent actor in the 90-Day Groom franchise after starring in countless 90-Day Groom spin-offs with David, TLC fans believe the Pillow Talk episode would be incomplete without Annie and David.

It was during the recent episode of “Pillow Talk” of season 9, “The Groom for 90 Days,” that fans noticed that something had changed for Annie. The Thai beauty admitted that she had injections in her lips in an April Instagram post. Annie criticized a 90 Day Fiancé fan for suggesting that she was going to create an OnlyFans page just because she was improving her appearance. Annie also underwent eyelid surgery in May 2019. Otherwise known as East Asian blepharoplasty, Annie went under the knife due to surgery for two centuries, apparently to fix her “eye problem”, and not for beauty. Since then, Annie has been working on improving her physique by losing a lot of weight.

But fans are convinced that these are not the only reasons why the icon of the 90-day-old bride Annie looks so different. In her latest Instagram video, Annie shared a charming dance she performed “after dinner” for David. She used the song “Lambada” by Chico de Oliveira and moved her hips to the beat, giggling. Annie’s outfit was cute: a white knitted crop top, blue sweatpants and brown strappy sandals. OOTD Annie has improved her new figure and slim waist. Fans called David “lucky” and thought that Annie moves her hips like Shakira.

But some wrote uploaded comments like “her lips are getting bigger.” Another TLC viewer wrote: “I miss the real Annie!” Supporters of Annie’s 90-day fiance defended her, saying she was still gorgeous and thriving, and “there’s nothing wrong with that.” Annie herself intervened in the conversation to ask the critic: “Did you really know [sic] us?” Another commenter called out Annie for posting “everything you do.” And a very rude comment came from a viewer who asked Annie if she was “leaving” her husband. Shocked, she asked them, “How? Why?” and she laughed that it was David who was shooting all her videos.

Annie, 29, and David, 54, rarely received any negative comments on Instagram that indicated that they were clear favorites of fans of the “90-day groom.” However, it seems that Annie’s transformation has begun to cause her some disapproval. Photos of Annie before and after are being circulated online with fans trying to figure out exactly what has changed in her face. Some believe that Annie’s new look is made with taste, but others are concerned that she may just continue to do plastic surgery and eventually completely change her appearance. What the skeptics don’t notice is that this new and improved version of Annie is also the happiest she’s ever looked, no matter what she’s done for it.