90-дневный жених: времена, когда Ариэла Вайнберг рисковала модой


Ariela Weinberg is one of the many stars of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise who took a risk with style after losing weight, but partner Biniyam Shibre does not always get applause for her outfits after losing weight. Ariela is known for her carefree personality, which was often expressed in her laid-back appearance when she lived in Ethiopia. However, after returning to the United States, Ariela experimented more with her style, which led to some bold fashion decisions.

Ariela left the USA as a teenager to explore the world. As a result, she broke up with her husband Leandro Foske after she became pregnant with the child Aviel after an affair with the Ethiopian dancer Biniyam. Ariela and Biniyam lived in modest conditions in Ethiopia before deciding to return to America for the 90th season of “The Groom for 90 Days.” With the help of Ariela’s wealthy parents, she and Biniyam saw their lifestyle change significantly. She has also updated her appearance with weight loss and beauty treatments. These changes led to the fact that she began to play in her own style.

By topic: How Ariela’s appearance changed on the 90th day after cosmetic procedures

After the birth of Avi’s child, Ariela lost a lot of weight. This dramatically reduced her face. She also received botox injections and lip filler to correct some of the symptoms of TMJ jaw disease. While Ariela has openly talked about these changes, as well as the fact that she has enlarged her ass with injections, many fans believe that she has had more facial procedures. Fans of the franchise have been hotly discussing her potential transformation into plastic surgery, although many viewers have also been discussing the evolution of her style as she has become bolder in terms of what she wears.

Like many people, Ariela used Halloween as an opportunity to experiment with a new image. The mother of baby Aviel shocked and amazed the audience by showing off several racy Halloween costumes that she was going to wear for the holiday. In the images, her body looked significantly slimmer, although viewers were a little alarmed by Ariela’s face. The New Jersey native had an empty expression on her face in the photos, which made some viewers feel uncomfortable.

Ariela stepped out in a green sequined mini dress to support Biniyama during his MMA fight. The audience reacted ambiguously to the bold image. Some fans and familiar faces of the franchise highly appreciated Ariela’s bright and bold image, especially since she looked happy and confident in this outfit. Other viewers did not like this image, and they thought that Ariela could have chosen a more flattering outfit to show off her slender body. Nevertheless, Ariela clearly liked to risk her dress.

Ariela definitely surprised many viewers of the 90-day groom with the image she shared in August 2021. She chose an off-the-shoulder top, glamorous hairstyle and makeup. The American mom looked completely different with a professional hairstyle, makeup and styling. Many fans noted that Ariela does not look like herself, and accused her of editing the image. However, other fans of 90 Day Fiancé praised Ariela for her formal attire.