9 Years of Shadows: Stylish Exciting Metroidvania Wins Trailer


9 Years of Shadows: Among the games announced at the Future Games Show during Gamescom 2021 was 9 Years of Shadows, a pixel art metroidvania that promises to bring refined action and exploration inside a castle that is an abandoned mechanical giant. One of the highlights announced by the developer is that the story will be very touching, something that will be reinforced by a first-rate soundtrack with big names in the industry, such as Michiru Yamane (Castlevania), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man) and ?Norihiko Hibino ? (Metal Gear Solid).

In the game, we control Europa, a young noblewoman who wants to break a curse that is plaguing the world. In the trailer, we see the protagonist using elemental armor to overcome challenges and bosses (Hellos, Gaia and Poseidon armor, which manipulate fire, earth and water, respectively). As with any metroidvania, you need to collect new equipment, gain new abilities and other resources to advance in a connected world. Check out the trailer:

The developer revealed that part of the plot and soundtrack focus on Europa’s journey to mature and become an adult while healing some mental wounds, something that promises to offer a high emotional charge to the game.

9 Years of Shadows has no release date set yet, but it will come to PC.


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