9 years in prison for Samsung vice president


After a five-year prison term in 2017, of which he served only one, Samsung Vice President Jay Y. Lee could be sentenced again, but to nine years in prison, a sentence sought by prosecutors in the bribery case. to the former president of South Korea, Park Guen-hye.

In the new trial, scheduled for January 18 and considered the final hearing of the case, Lee is the protagonist of a series of scandals, which culminated in the impeachment of Guen-hye, then president of the country in 2017.

Son of Kun H. Lee, who was president of the company, also became involved in financial scandals and died last October, Jay Y. Lee had returned to the company, where he became responsible for the manufacturing sector, after having his sentence commuted. However, the South Korean court found the sentence to be very light, and ordered the case to reopen with a retrial.

What will Jay Y. Lee’s new trial be like?

The Superior Court of Seu, which took over the case in October last year, suggested that Samsung create an internal compliance committee, saying that this could be taken into account in the sentence. But special prosecutors immediately rejected this idea, asking the country’s Supreme Court to reassign the case to new judges, as the old ones were “biased”. The Supreme Court denied the request.

In anticipation of the 18th trial, Samsung created the compliance committee suggested by the judges. Shortly thereafter, the company held a press conference, where it declared that Lee’s children would not succeed in controlling the group.

If the court grants parole to the Samsung executive, taking into account the creation of the new compliance system in place, most of the pending issues related to the group will be resolved. At least until Lee’s next trial, this time for fraud and stock price manipulation.


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