Only 9-Year-Old Genius will be the Youngest University Graduate in the World


The boy, Laurent Simons, who is at the end of his university education even though he is only 9 years old, is preparing to receive the title of en the youngest university graduate in the world ”.

Many people study for 12 years before going to university. This process, which is a long way, seems to have passed much faster for a Belgian child. Laurent Simons, born in Oostende, Belgium, is preparing to graduate from the university, although he is only 9 years old.

The genius child who completed his high school education in about a year, then moved to the Netherlands for university education. Simons, who completed the 3-year undergraduate program in 9 months, seems to be one of the greatest geniuses of the future.

Only 6 years old young boy who started high school, the tests revealed that the level of 145 IQ. The genius who is currently studying electrical engineering is preparing to finish his last project at the university.

Record Holder 10 Years
Since Laurent Simons is not officially a university graduate, the current record holder is Michael Kearney, who graduated at the age of 10 years and 4 months. Graduating from the University of Alabama in 1994, Kearney has held this record for 25 years. If everything goes as planned, Simons will graduate next month and take this record from Kearney.

Simons, who idolized Nikola Tesla, wants to focus on artificial organs and develop an artificial body in his own laboratory. The reason that Simons made this decision is because her grandparents are heart patients.

“Every professor is looking forward to having a student like Laurent. This is of course a unique situation for us because it is the youngest student we can ever have,” said Sjoerd Hulshof, program director who made the statement.

Simons, which can solve a subject normally learned in 10 weeks, is receiving offers from many universities with this success. He is now focused on education, but in the near future we will hear his name more often. We wish him success throughout his life.


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