9 superheroes who would hardly be drunk


Have you ever imagined what a night with your favorite superhero would be like? Would they be weeping drunks, or would they be hard workers? However, not everyone would be vulnerable to the effects of alcohol, as their superpowers would prevent a Homeric drunkenness. Check out what would happen to 9 superheroes trying to get their heads together:

1. Wolverine

The superhero has appeared several times with a glass of beer in his hands, but he would need to drink a huge amount very quickly to get drunk. Since he has a rapid recovery, damage to the liver and the rest of the body would be healed quickly.

2. Superman

Its alien metabolism causes alcohol to be eliminated from your body with speed. However, when there is kryptonite nearby, he becomes more vulnerable and can feel the effects of the drink – in the movie Superman III, for example, the superhero gets drunk.

3. Captain America

The serum that transformed the stunted Steve Rogers into the superhero makes your metabolism overloaded, making it difficult to drink. Not even Asgard’s thousand-year-old alcohol he took in Avengers: Age of Ultron made him happy.

4. Flash

Due to the acceleration force, the superhero has a very fast metabolism, eliminating toxins and poisons almost instantly. Few moments are beyond the rule, as in the episode of The Flash, by The CW, in which the character had an extremely alcoholic drink, created by Cisco – the drunkenness was fast, but fun.

5. Mercury

Its history is similar to that of Flash, therefore, the accelerated mutant metabolism means that it does not even produce food waste. With drinks, the situation is similar, with the body quickly eliminating the effects of alcohol. However, he lost his powers in the classic miniseries Dynasty M, becoming vulnerable and drowning the pitangas in the booze.

6. Cyborg

After the accident that cost most of his human form, Victor Stone transformed himself into Cyborg and had his body reconstructed with technology. Thus, he does not need to eat or sleep and if he drank alcohol, for example, the drink would only become fuel, without any drinking effect.

7. Vision

Created with advanced robotic technology, Vision ended up joining the Avengers. His interest in human behavior leads him to experiences like drinking socially. However, since he does not need to eat or drink, the liquid becomes just fuel.

8. Mars hunter

Because he is an alien with cellular control that gives the ability to mutate, he does not react to Earth’s substances in the same way. He only became “drunk” on Oreo cookies, which he was addicted to in the International Justice League.

9. Invincible

He inherited the DNA of his father, an alien from the planet Viltrum, who excelled at human genes, giving the powers of accelerated healing and immunity to toxins and diseases, making it almost impossible for him to get drunk.


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