9 Similarities between Doctor Who and the Time Traveler’s Wife, According to Twitter


Steven Moffat has written some of the greatest science fiction short stories, and “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” whose first season recently concluded (and, unfortunately, the only season), is an outstanding example of the writer’s skill. Its central premise, which explores the relationship between time traveler Henry and his wife Claire, reminded many viewers of his work Doctor Who, which had strikingly similar storylines.

The audience on social media also noticed some similarities between Doctor Who and The Time Traveler’s Wife, with both programs with wild imagination reflecting the writer’s obvious love of time travel stories. Twitter, in particular, has discovered several similarities between the two series, these bold sci-fi narratives feature many of Steven Moffat’s characteristic quirks.

The Bizarre Time Traveler

So this is a story about a bizarre time traveler, his red-haired companion, written by Steven Moffat? #The wife of a traveler in Time

— Hi, I’m Derek. (@CapSteveRogers) May 16, 2022

Henry’s extremely rare condition marks him as a particularly large character, with his unusual disability sending him backwards or forwards in time without any clothes. This strange situation reminded @CapSteveRogers of the main character of Doctor Who, describing Henry as a “bizarre time traveler”, similar to the Doctor from the popular BBC series.

Claire’s future husband acts like various incarnations of the legendary Time Lord. Young Henry carries the younger and more chaotic energy of the Eleventh Doctor, while his more mature personality is closer to the harsher and more serious approach of the Twelfth Incarnation of the Doctor. In addition, Henry encounters several versions of himself during his time travels, conveying a narrative similar to Doctor Who’s “Special Messages about Several Doctors”.

River Song

One of the best things about watching HBO’s #TimeTravelersWife is to see how much the novel inspired the Doctor and River.

Sometimes Claire opens her mouth and River Song’s words come out.

— Chris #BLM ♥️ 🇺🇦 Have Safe PRIDE 🏳️🌈 (@RuthRobeleeen) June 20, 2022

As the living daughter of Amy and Rory Pond, River Song uttered some of the best quotes in Doctor Who. For some users, they could see memories of her as Claire Abshire in the feelings of a Time traveler’s Wife, and @RuthRobeleeen from Twitter pointed out how Claire’s dialogue sees “River Song’s words fall out.”

Throughout the series, Claire utters several quotes that seem close to River’s iconic lines, as she notes that Henry “looks younger” than when she last saw him, and flirts with the affable time traveler at various points in his life. In addition, the novel of Henry and Claire directly echoes the novel of the Doctor and River Song, with both couples meeting their partners in the wrong order.

Timi Vimi

I really like the #StephenMoffat script for #TimeTravelersWife.

Watching this makes me realize how much the original novel must have influenced his timely humorous scripts for #DoctorWho.

— Roger Edwards (@Roger_Edwards) May 16, 2022

Steven Moffat’s stories offer some of the most complex forms of storytelling, with the writer demonstrating a clear passion for time travel storylines. A poster on Twitter @Roger_Edwards believes that his inspiration for the intricate narratives in the Doctor Who episodes may have been the story of a time traveler’s Wife, noting that she “should have influenced his timely humorous scenarios.”

One striking example of this complex narrative style is a particularly cute scene where Henry acts as a mentor to himself as a child at a local museum. It seems strikingly close to Moffat’s Doctor Who episode “The Big Bang,” in which Amy Pond teams up with her child at the National Museum, demonstrating the strong connection between Moffat’s inspired screenplays and Audrey Niffenegger’s beloved novel.

Amy Pond

The new #TimeTravelersWife series on HBOMax is Steven Moffat, who diligently draws on the best parts of the #doctorwho’s River Song and Amy Pond storylines, as well as a lot of Theo James (literally 😂). I highly recommend it.

— Jill Tew (@jtewwrites) May 31, 2022

As a loyal assistant to the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond is considered one of the best companions of Doctor Who, and her quick temper entertained many viewers during her travels on the TARDIS. Twitter User @Jtewwrites noticed some similarities between Claire and Amy, describing Moffat’s latest series as “leaning heavily” on the best moments of Amy’s life.

Among the most obvious relationships between Amy and Claire is how they meet their time travelers, with both people initially dating their eccentric boyfriends as children. Claire and Amy are forced to wait many years before they properly intervene in their friends’ lives, showing considerable patience in waiting for their future.