‘9. Planet ‘May Be A Black Hole In Orange Size


‘9. Planet ‘May Be A Black Hole In Orange Size. It was believed that there was an undiscovered planet somewhere in our system because of the strange orbital movements of space rocks on the outermost part of the Solar System. According to a new article this’ 9. The planet ‘can actually be a black hole.

When we say the Solar System, we think of the Sun and its planets. In technical terms, our system actually covers a larger area. Outside of this structure is the Oort cloud, which is full of space rocks.

The celestial bodies in this section have long attracted the attention of astronomers and experts from various fields. The main reason for this was that these asteroids act in strange ways. The reason for these interesting orbital movements was said to be the ninth and unobservable planet.

In fact, the 9th planet hypothesis has long been a state of the art. In the past years, celestial bodies were discovered that did not match what we know. TransNeptune object (Neptune’den beyond the celestial body) is thought to cause structures that disrupt the structures.

The 9th planet has actually given its name to mythologies and prophecies and has been on the agenda for a long time. At one point it was said that Nibiru would strike Earth and bring apocalypse. It is estimated that there might be a possible gas giant in Babylon called Marduk, except for the Sumerians in our system. For now, it is not even real, according to some researchers.

Black hole theory emerged on September 24th in arXiv, a platform for the study of academic studies. According to researchers, the only cause of deterioration in the orbits of TNOs is not an unseen planet. A primitive black hole could be the cause.

Researchers investigating gravitational anomalies with OGLE (Optical Gravity Observation Experiment) proposed this interesting theory.

According to the researchers who have been observing for five years, a primitive black hole located 26 thousand light years from the center of the Milky Way may be the cause of the deviations in the orbits. This black hole is about the size of an orange.

Researchers, the article “lost planet theory is based on the capture of a stray planet in our system” was emphasized. Scientists, “instead of a black hole in the center we chose to take,” he said.

Konstantin Batygin, one of the leading figures of the ninth planet studies, said in his statement that this theory might well be true, but he said that a planet is a more probable explanation.

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