9 million Brazilians already have digital CNH


More than 9 million Brazilians have already joined the national digital license, according to the National Traffic Department (Denatran). The number reached 9,116,328 in October, an increase of 80% in relation to February of this year, when the application had already been installed by 5 million people.

Due to COVID-19, many Brazilians are looking for digital means to update their registrations. To give you an idea, in Roraima, the process for activating CNH-e grew by 25% over the course of the pandemic.

This amount is expected to increase in the coming months, as currently, 45 million Brazilian drivers have CNH with QR code, which allows the conversion to the digital wallet.

The digital CNH is already regulated by Contran (National Traffic Council) and will integrate the text of the Brazilian National Traffic Code (CTB). It is also worth mentioning that President Jair Bolsonaro signed a law amending the Traffic Code.

Among the changes, the increase in the validity of the CNH to 10 years for drivers up to 50 years of age and a new limit of 40 points for those who do not commit serious infractions.


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