9 government apps you need to know

Several applications created by the Federal Government offer useful services for the daily life of citizens on Android phones and iPhones (iOS). Developed by different government ministries and autarchies, the tools allow, among other things, to request retirement, pension and unemployment insurance programs, settle individual or corporate debts with the Union and access the results of tests carried out in the Unified Health System ( SUS).

Other options allow you to invest in government bonds, access traffic fines and make payment at a discount, access all the information from the National High School Exam (Enem) and find a map of blood centers to donate blood in several cities in the country. Check below a list of nine applications developed by the Federal Government that can be useful to access citizen services.

1. Emergency Aid Box
The Caixa Auxílio Emergencial application was developed by the government in partnership with Caixa to transfer the benefit known as “coronavoucher”, which is intended for informal low-income workers affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. The app’s proposal is to register the beneficiaries and register the bank details to transfer the R $ 600 of government aid.

2. Treasury Direct
The Tesouro Direto application allows the user to make investments in government bonds directly by cell phone. It is possible to track their numbers, access statements, consult rates and redeem profitability values ​​quickly. The tool also displays graphs with the evolution of the return on investor bonds over time.

The app also provides a simulator to find out the type of fixed income security best suited to the investment profile of each person, in addition to a virtual assistant that explains why and how to invest, and the advantages of the Treasury compared to other types of investment. investment, such as savings.

3. SNE Denatran
SNE is a fines application developed by the National Traffic Department (Denatran). Through the tool, the driver is able to view all traffic tickets registered in his vehicle and have access to slips for payments of infractions.

One of the main benefits is that, through the app, the user can have access to discounts of up to 40% on fines, if they are still valid. Registration is simple and requires some personal data and the number of the driver’s license, or credentials already registered on the portals of local authorities.

4. Hemovida
Hemovida is a blood donation center by cell phone created by the Ministry of Health. In the application, the user will find the blood centers closest to their location, with address, opening hours and telephone number for contact.

In addition, it is possible to have access to the health rules and conditions necessary to be able to donate blood, create a record of your profile with all donations already made, schedule a donation through the app and invite friends to donate. The app also gathers donation incentive campaigns carried out by the government.

5. My INSS
Meu INSS is a service center of the National Institute of Social Security. After completing a registration with full name, CPF, telephone and e-mail, the user will be able to access information, assistance, schedules and requests about retirement, maternity salary, sickness benefit, among other programs.

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Among the main services are the possibility of requesting retirement by cell phone, accessing payment and contribution statements, scheduling forensics, asking for a pension and accessing the income statement for the income tax return. Among other, simpler solutions are an INSS location map and a retirement simulator.

6. Enem
The Enem application, created by INEP, an agency linked to the Ministry of Education, gathers important information about the National High School Exam. The student can access the exam schedule, read news about the exam application and find its test location.

After taking the exam, the student will be able to view the feedback for his type of test and his individual result, separated by content. It is also possible to access a history with all notes obtained in previous editions.

7. Live Well                                                                                                                Viva Bem was created by the Ministry of Health to gather information about the user’s health. It is possible to receive tests carried out by SUS, get in touch with doctors and register all the medicines you take, including their side effects.

The app also allows the user to create alerts to remember the time to take their medication, the times of medical appointments and the days of taking planned vaccines. In addition, it is possible to access news with news about diseases and health tips published by professionals.

8. Open Debt
The Open Debt is an application that informs people or companies that are in active debt in the Federal Government or in the Severance Pay Fund (FGTS). Through the tool, it is possible to consult CPFs and CNPJs that are in an irregular situation quickly.

The search tool allows you to find irregularities using name, trade name, address, type of debt and even the location. Debtors can also use the tool to rectify the situation through negotiations in the digital environment itself.

9. Coronavirus SUS
The Ministry of Health application called Coronavirus SUS seeks to be a central of reliable information about the virus that caused the current pandemic. The app allows you to access the latest news from the ministry to stay on top of the government’s progress in combating Covid-19, and to check the health posts closest to the citizen. It is also possible to register your symptoms to check for a possible case of Covid-19, and to check what are the symptoms of people in the vicinity.



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