9 games with a very difficult hard mode


We reviewed titles that had very difficult modalities to finish, almost impossible. Have you ever overcome them in this difficulty?

The Last of Us Part 2 recently released a realistic mode alongside the increasingly popular permanent death. This only enhances the possibilities and enjoyment of the players, proposing new challenges and encouraging their replayability.

With this new addition, at Meristation we wanted to delve into the recent history of the video game to discover which video games had such a difficult way to make us turn off the console, tear off each piece, shred them and make a sandwich.

Bethesda wanted us to experience a nuclear catastrophe as faithfully as possible in Fallout 4. Survivor mode challenged your skill and ability to deal with certain dilemmas. The companions were no longer pack donkeys, teleportation was ending with fast trips and your health was similar to Mr. Burns.

As if that were not enough, you were no longer going to find mountains of ammunition, no more having a GPS in which you could see your enemies or you were not going to regenerate your diseases and amputations by the grace of God. Also, the only way to save was to nap and pray this nightmare was over.

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