9 films that are guaranteed to cause you the same nostalgia for the 80s as “Very Strange Things”


Since the release of the first volume on May 27, the 4th season of “Very Strange Cases” has become a huge topic of conversation, and many fans note that there are more horror elements in the series. However, perhaps the biggest topic of discussion for “Very Strange Things” is the depiction of the 1980s show, which has since prompted some viewers to take up roller skating and dive into Kate Bush’s back catalogue.

The setting of the 80s definitely left its mark on the audience, prompting many to look for other modern films that evoke the much-loved nostalgia for the 80s. Here are 10 films that are guaranteed to fill this void before the second volume of the fourth season of “Very Strange Cases.”

The Sandy Playground (1993)
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“Sandbox” puts the same emphasis on friendship as “Very Strange Things”, and at the same time depicts the same atmosphere of the 80s that the drama series emits. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the costumes, the film carries many fans, especially those who grew up in the 1980s – the time of bright colors, rectangular glasses and the most important shoe brand of the decade: Converse. The film shows the fashion of the 80s, many characters wear jeans with cuffs and striped T-shirts in boxes that dominated that era.

“Sandbox” is one of the best films about childhood that is worth watching when you want nostalgia, as viewers reflect on their childhood friendships and popular styles of the 1980s.

Donnie Darko (2001)
Broadcast on HBO Max and AMC+

This fantastic film continues to cause controversy even today, and many fans share their theories about Donnie Darko. Despite the fact that the bizarre film was released in 2001, the film was set in the 80s and contained many elements of that era of cinema and culture, thanks to the costumes and incredible musical accompaniment.

The film sought to recreate something similar to the horror genre of the 80s and definitely left fans nostalgic thanks to the hazy visual style of VHS. “Donnie Darko” became a success after its release, and many fans liked its creepy soundtrack, which was perfect for Donnie’s hallucinations, and also contained musical numbers from INXS and Tears For Fears.

Blinded by Light (2019)
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“Blinded by the Light” has become a long-awaited gift for film and music lovers, as the music of Bruce Springsteen sounds in the film. The film provided fans with a poignant story that touches on such important topics as racism and family honor, the problems faced by the main character Javed.

As in “Very Strange Things”, this musical film perfectly reflects the fashion of the 80s with the return of retro clothes, including double jeans and outrageous hairstyles. However, perhaps the most important aspect of the 80s is the use of Bruce Springsteen’s musical styles, which provide the perfect accompaniment to Javed’s story.

Drive (2011)
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“Drive” may have had one of the most misleading movie trailers of all time, but this action-packed movie also confused fans when it came to the era in which it was set. Fans of the film analyzed subtle references to the 1980s, until it became clear that the action of the film actually takes place in our days.

Thanks to the costumes, including the embroidered bomber jacket worn by the main actor Ryan Gosling, the choice of cars and architecture, the film has a certain atmosphere of the 80s. This is reminiscent of the aesthetics of the 80s, captured in such series as “Knight of the Roads”, despite the fact that the action does not take place in a decade.

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
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In recent years, “Napoleon Dynamite” has become a cult classic, and many fans have purchased merchandise related to the film, almost two decades after its release. The film is an excellent comedy that pays homage to the 80s in every sense. He imitates the films of the 80s with his hazy tone, permed hair and incredibly bright colors.

This funny movie even includes an awkward prom scene strewn with handmade jewelry and a disco ball, as well as lots of references to moon boots, curled hair and a unique choice of clothes, making it one of the best films for this dose of 80s nostalgia.

It follows (2014)
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The movie “It Follows” does not use costumes to create a nostalgic atmosphere. Instead, the film skillfully interweaves the culture of the 80s through the use of props and subtle references to past horror films. The film has no confirmed time period — it combines elements embodying the culture of the 80s with more modern features – but it still has a nostalgic atmosphere.

As in any good horror movie, “This Follows” has an excellent musical accompaniment that reflects the same ambient, but terrifying musical mix that can be seen in films of the 80s. Thus, despite the fact that the film contains much more horror and is not as firmly rooted in the 80s as “Very Strange Things”, it is guaranteed to cause the audience the same nostalgic correction.