9 curiosities of The Heirs that will make you relive this story


The Heirs became one of the favorite dramas due to its cast and entertaining story.

Over time, the drama The Heirs has become one of the productions that you cannot miss after entering the world of dramas , mainly because it brings together great stars who have conquered us in the productions where they were previously seen. .

With such an attractive cast , a collaboration between a broadcasting network, and a popular streaming platform in charge, The Heirs’ success was predictable, making the drama hugely popular in and out of Asia.

If after having watched this drama you keep The Heirs on your favorites and in your best memories, we invite you to meet several curiosities of this production that will make you relive the entertaining love story between Eun Sang and Kim Tan.

  1. Many cast members were already known to have worked on other productions together, if you’ve seen the dramas To The Beautiful You, Heartstrings, Tree of Heaven, You’re Beautiful, School 2013 and Faith, you’ll probably recognize several familiar faces that will later gathered at The Heirs .
  2. The secondary couple is made up of two popular idols, Lee Bo Na is portrayed by f (x) ‘s Krystal Jung and CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk.
  3. Park Shin Hye was part of The Heirs’ OST , she performed a song called Story.
  4. During the drama many songs by foreign artists appear, among them, we can recognize melodies performed by Green Day, Bruno Mars, Adele and One Direction.
  5. The drama features many idol and group cameos, but without a doubt some of the most memorable are the appearance of VIXX and Kim Heechul.
  6. The popularity of The Heirs led him to become one of the most awarded dramas in that year.
  7. The note Eun Sang leaves for Kim Tan when she leaves Los Angeles pays homage to Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  8. Kim Tan’s house in Los Angeles has been featured in other productions, if you’re familiar, maybe you saw her in the 2014 movie called Taken 3.
  9. The production of this drama was a collaboration of the SBS network and the Drama Fever streaming platform in 2013.


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