9 best cooking games


After creating the popular version of Cook, Serve, Delicious! The Vertigo Gaming trilogy has announced that in early 2023 they will release a spiritual successor to the series called Cook Serve Forever. Despite the fact that Cook, Serve, Delicious has just been released! 3 in 2020, the continued popularity of the series led to the immediate creation of this new part.

Combined with the Cooking Mama franchise, which has sold over 12 million units (via Game Developer), it’s obvious that cooking games are extremely popular. So it’s no surprise that this genre is full of great games like Overcooked! series.

Midnight Bakery (2019)

The Midnight Bakery, created for the JamCraft 3 game jam on Itch.io , is a short pixel indie adventure game. When Aunt K. she can’t look after her bakery at night, the main character Jay works instead. Working in a bakery, Jay serves cakes to various supernatural beings such as witches, vampires, ghosts and many others.

While Jay is making cakes, the player will have to make decisions about how to cook it, which will lead to customers either liking the cake or hating it. Although most of these customers simply leave the bakery unsatisfied if the cake is cooked incorrectly, the last customer, Xagarot, the destroyer of worlds, will literally destroy the world if the cake does not satisfy them.

A Taste of the Past (2022)

Released earlier this year, A Taste of the Past is a short emotional adventure game with a hand–drawn art style in the style of a collection of stories about overcoming grief and reconnecting with the past. The game tells the story of a Chinese-American high school student named Mei, who recently lost her mother and is trying to recover lost family recipes in order to contact her. After falling asleep on the train, she wakes up and discovers that she is now traveling with the spirits of her ancestors.

By exploring the train and talking to her deceased relatives, she learns more about the history of her family, her mother and herself. In addition, after a few cooking mini-games, she remembers how to cook forgotten dishes. After the last conversation with her mother, May wakes up and decides to look to the future with hope.

Predatory Devils (2022)

Ravenous Devils, a culinary horror about cannibalism set in the Victorian era, made a big impression on gamers when it was released in April this year. This cooking management simulator tells the story of a bloodthirsty couple who are trying to get rich in a dark city teeming with crime. The husband, Percival, owns an atelier where he secretly kills his clients. When the job is done, he throws the corpse into the hatch leading to the kitchen.

His wife, Hildred, runs a pub where she feeds visitors the remains of murdered customers. As the game progresses, the player will improve shops, buy new tools and get new recipes. But this villainous duo needs to be careful because one anonymous person seems to know their secrets. Perhaps not everyone will like it, but those who love the horror genre and dark secrets may like this game.

Cooking Mama Series (2006-present)

Starting with the cult original Cooking Mama game for DS 2006, the Cooking Mama franchise is an ongoing series of mini-games focused on simulators in which players usually prepare various dishes with the help of the titled “Mom”. Although the games usually receive average ratings from critics, the series is extremely popular and has many sequels, remakes and spin-offs.

Players attempt to complete each step of the cooking process by completing short mini-games that involve slicing vegetables or mixing ingredients. The quality of the dish is determined by the success or failure of these tasks. According to Polygon and other sites, the latest major release of Cooking Mama: Cookstar has caused a lot of controversy around it. But even so, the series remains one of the most famous franchises of cooking games.

Good pizza, great pizza (2018)

Good Pizza, Great Pizza, originally released as a free mobile game, is a 2018 pizza cooking simulator available on Switch and PC. In this game, the player manages his own pizzeria, serving more than 100 unique customers with their own characters, dialogues and preferences.

Although the player starts only with the ingredients for making cheese pizza, he can use the profits earned each day to buy more toppings. The money can also be used to buy new kitchen equipment, improvements and accessories for the store (all this is necessary to personalize the store and stay competitive with the competing pizzeria Alicante).

Brigade of Combat Cooks (2017)

Released in 2017, Battle Chef Brigade is a culinary role–playing game that combines tile-based puzzles with side-scrolling gameplay.