9-1-1: The Surprising Reason Fans Choose This Chapter As The Best


Fox’s first aid drama 9-1-1 is currently airing its fifth season. For a variety of reasons, this latest batch of 9-1-1 episodes has sparked several changes in a show that has been running steadily on the net for years. Perhaps most notably, Jennifer Love Hewitt, who played 911 operator Maddie Buckley from season 2, left the series in the middle of season 5 to care for her newborn son.

Her co-star Rockmond Dunbar, who played Michael Grant from its pilot episode, also left the show mid-season after a dispute over COVID-19 protocols. While none of these characters are confirmed to be gone forever, Season 5 continues without two long-standing series staples.

Perhaps less notably, fans who saw this already somewhat tumultuous season were shocked when 9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 7 aired without a ghost story plot teased in multiple previews. Fortunately, just two weeks later, viewers of the subsequent Episode 9 generally had kind things to say about it online for one overriding reason.

In a discussion thread about 9-1-1 season 5 episode 9 on the series’ official social media, many of the top-rated comments highlight the comic moments or lighter overall tone of the episode as particularly notable.

“I love seeing them as a team making fun of each other and goofing around. I feel like we’ve missed a bit of that.”

That comment was upvoted over 75 times, more than any other comment on the rest of the account, suggesting that this was a common sentiment among viewers and transforms it into one of the best episodes of the series or at least the one that fans have more in mind.

Other fans referenced the behavior of particular characters or specific jokes as highlights. For example, a comedic reaction from Buck (Oliver Stark) stood out, while others reported enjoying Eddie’s (Ryan Guzman) constant state of fun throughout the episode. By the looks of it, many fans will expect an equally upbeat tone as 9-1-1 season 5 continues.