9-1-1: The Cause of Death of Single Actor Tyler Sanders Turned Out to Be Accidental


The loss of any young life is always tragic, and Hollywood, unfortunately, experienced a similar tragedy again this summer, with the death of actor Tyler Sanders at the age of 18. The young talent, who last appeared in the episode 9-1-1: Lone Star in the third season, was found dead on June 16, but there were few details at the time, as authorities were investigating and waiting for the coroner’s decision. His death was ruled an accident, according to the autopsy report, which confirmed that he died from exposure to fentanyl.

According to a Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s report, Tyler Sanders died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl, TMZ reports. The 18-year-old actor, who also appeared in a season 3 episode of the TV series “Fear the Walking Dead,” apparently texted a friend the night before his death, saying he was using fentanyl. When Sanders did not respond to a friend’s subsequent phone calls, police were called to check on the welfare, and the teenager’s body was found.

The forensic report revealed additional details about what was found at Tyler Sanders’ home in Los Angeles, where he lived alone. Police said they found a plastic straw and white powder in the room where he died, as well as drugs in the bathroom. It is reported that Sanders was found unconscious in bed.

According to the report, the actor had no known health problems, although he apparently struggled with substances such as heroin, cocaine, LSD, mushrooms and xanax. Earlier, TMZ reported that at Tyler Sanders’ funeral in Houston, his father David Sanders told the audience that his son had died of a drug overdose.

Apparently, he began to struggle with depression around the time he was filming his role in the episode 9-1-1: Lone Star “Impulse Control”, and his father allegedly said that his son thought his brain was programmed not to feel happy.

Tyler Sanders received his first acting credits in 2015 in the sitcom JLW Academy. In addition to playing Brian in one of the episodes of the TV series “9-1-1: Lone Star” and his role as a young version of Jake Otto Sam Underwood in the TV series “Fear the Walking Dead”, he also played Logan Hawke in a 2018 episode of the drama Nathan Fillion on ABC. A rookie.

In 2020, Sanders got the lead role in the movie “Just Add Magic: Mysterious City“, a spin-off of the Amazon Prime Video family series “Just Add Magic”. His portrayal of Leo in the series earned the actor a nomination for the daytime Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding Lead Role in a Children’s Program” in 2021.

Tragically, we won’t see what else could have happened from his career, after the official decision on his death as a result of an accident. We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Tyler Sanders as they continue to mourn the loss of the young actor.


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