9-1-1: Oliver Stark talks about Buck’s origin in the series


The last episode of 9-1-1 told the tragic origin story of Evan Buckley, played by Oliver Stark. The plot went back to his childhood years, revealing that he and Maddie had another brother, named Daniel, who died of cancer. Buck discovered in the episode that he was only designed to have someone compatible with his brother to be able to receive the bone marrow.

Such a strategy worked for a while. However, Daniel’s leukemia had a comeback and he ended up dying. With that, the family moved and never spoke about it again.

In addition, the episode showed, with a series of flashbacks, more aspects of Maddie and Buck’s relationship. When Maddie left Doug for Boston to study nursing, she almost told Buck about Daniel. The brothers also almost ran away together years ago, but were blackmailed by Doug. However, Maddie presented Buck with his jeep so he could leave and start from scratch.

Oliver Stark talks about his character, Evan Buckley, on 9-1-1

In interviews with TVLine and TVInsider, Buck’s interpreter, Oliver Stark, spoke about his character’s past revelations on 9-1-1. He said that much of what is known about Buck makes sense once you understand his childhood.

The actor also says that he always felt connected with the character, and that, after learning his story in the episode “Buck Begins”, that connection became even greater. Stark believes that, even without knowing it, Buck had something holding him back and that knowing about his brother made him feel as if a weight had been lifted off his back, about his relationship with his parents.

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