9-1-1: Lone Star: At last the Lowe brothers showed what we suspected on the screen


The Fox series 9-1-1: Lone Star features some well-known stars and others who are on the rise after their debut. With only three seasons, this plot has captivated the audience with the story of Captain Owen Strand played by Rob Lowe, who made a series of decisions to take care of his family. With the detail that this family is the same as in real life, since he had the opportunity to share the set with his older brother Chad Lowe with the role of Robert, who also turned out to be his brother. Spoiler alert.

As the plot has developed in 9-1-1: Lone Star, we already know that Captain Strand traveled from Texas to Los Angeles to see his father (Robert Pine) who is about to die and it is there that he meets a member of the family, his half-brother Robert, who turned out to be his own brother on the series and in real life. This occurs in the current Season 3, during Episode 16 “Shift-Less” which premiered on May 2.

Meanwhile, in addition to talking to his father about his abandonment and getting the closure he needed with him, Owen also leaves California with Robert telling him not to be a stranger, opening the door to a possible closer relationship with this new role than comes to the series this season for 3 episodes.

Actor-director Chad Lowe commented in a recent interview on how he’s working with his brother Rob on screen for the first time (except for a brief movie appearance) and teased the upcoming episode of Lone Star that he’s directing. . The creator of 9-1-1; Lone Star, Tim Minear decided to include a half-brother that Owen (Rob Lowe) was not aware of. So the story I heard was that Tim called Rob and said, “I have a crazy idea. What if we cast your brother to play your brother?”

This idea seemed brilliant and inspiring to Rob and he was very excited, eager for the shooting of these scenes to begin. “It’s the first time we’ve actually acted in something together.” For some time Chad was a director and worked with his brother, but it is the first time for him to share with Rob as an actor. “I did Brothers & Sisters with him and I did The Grinder. And then I’m currently directing the third episode of Lone Star that I’ve directed. It was better than I could have dreamed or imagined. It was truly one of the highlights of my acting career.”

Rob is a very good actor and I know that, but I was able to experience that intimately by sharing the scenes with him. As an actor, I always compare it to hitting the tennis ball and the better the player you play with, the better he makes you, so it really helped me up my game as an actor.”

Finally, Chad highlighted that it is a privilege to work with Rob, since they share what obviously all brothers have with each other; a life full of memories and with good and bad moments, the intermediate, the triumphs, the tragedies that are had in the family. And that’s all below the surface when we walk onto the set. “I didn’t have to do much to create a backstory, shall we say. All I had to do was look him in the eye and I know he felt the same way too, because when we finished we both commented on what an amazing experience it was to be able to And we also thought, “How come this never happened? So I’m thankful that it did.” Although, it’s only three scenes (so far), you can see how the relationship changes over time. throughout them and it’s very clear from the way these two worked together.