9-1-1 4×08: Will Hen and Karen be able to take care of Nia?


The 4×8 episode of 9-1-1 marked the end of the first half of season 4 and ended with a cliffhanger that only made us more anxious for the next episodes. All the characters have to deal with their dramas, all while reconciling a plane crash and a man’s suicide attempt. See the full recap below!

Warning: the text contains spoilers!

More details of the 4×8 episode of 9-1-1

The episode’s title, “Breaking Point” (in free translation, breaking point) was already a great indication that the characters would be pushed to their limits. Chimney and Maddie are getting ready for the birth and he still wants to convince her that going to the hospital is better than having the birth at home. Maddie seeks out Athena and asks for her advice, to which she replies that it doesn’t matter if the child is going to be born at home, in a parking lot or in the hospital. Anyway, the memory will be of one of the best days of her life.

Meanwhile, Buck had one of his worst moments as a character when he invited Taylor to dinner just to make his new girlfriend Albert jealous. Taylor was obviously upset about this and said that Buck can’t be alone and therefore ends up hurting his friends.

Finally, we still have Eddie’s attempt to make his relationship with Ana official. However, Christopher is not yet ready for this, so he will need to be more patient in order to take a further step in dating.

And as nothing in 9-1-1 is okay, all of this happens while the characters have to deal with a plane crash (which, hopefully, they can take good care of those involved) and with a man who wants to jump off the top of a building. After more than four hours of effort by the team, the man is thrown from the building, much to the desperation of the rescuers.

The episode ends with Chris meeting Ana for the first time and hugging her. Then, Henrietta and Karen receive the news that Nia’s birth mother wants to get her daughter back. This was always the biggest fear of the two, since they became attached to the girl and hoped to complete the adoption process. But, now, we will have to wait until April 19, when the next episodes premiere, to know what will happen.

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