8K VR Glasses for NASA Introduced at CES 2020


VRgineers introduced its 8K VR glasses for NASA at CES 2020. XTAL, the largest VR glasses the company has ever produced, offers advanced image and control features.

VRgineers, including organizations like NASA for years
is developing VR goggles for professional and enterprise market. At the same time, the company introduced its newest and largest model ever produced for NASA at the CES 2020. Like its predecessors, the XTAL VR glasses are best-in-class and offer crystal-clear VR images in 8K resolution.

The new XTAL provides an impressive 180-degree field of view with image processing features including eye tracking technology, AR mixed reality module and improved lenses. A VRgineer spokesperson explained that the device is a basic version of a VR glasses designed for NASA astronauts. The picture quality of the VR glasses is so high that it can show even the smallest details.

Eye tracking technology in the glasses allows you to control virtual worlds with your gaze. The glasses also have the ability to interact with voice commands and body movements. XTAL; it detects motion controls thanks to two Leap Motion sensors located on the underside of the headset.

The prices of the XTAL glasses start at around $ 8,000, but that doesn’t mean much for standard users. VR goggles have been developed for organizations and businesses providing employee safety training. Older versions of XTAL are used in the US Department of Defense, the US Navy and NASA. Although the price is too high for consumers, it seems perfectly suitable for training future astronauts and soldiers.


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