88-watt wireless charging mobile phone will be launched


Last year Xiaomi surprised the world by announcing the Mi 10 Ultra (review here) with 50-watt wireless charging, something that also ended up being inherited for the Xiaomi Mi 11.

If you thought that this power in this type of charging was already impressive, imagine when you know that the Chinese is already working on a wireless solution capable of delivering a charge of up to 80-watts!

The news was published by the Chinese leak Digital Chat Station on Weibo, and comment that the technology should have the mass manufacturing process started already in the first half of this year.

Currently, the upcoming cell phone is still in the process of verification. We don’t know which notebook will bring the new technology, but there is a chance that it will already be present in the Mi 11 Pro, which is due to be announced in February.

With 80-watts of wireless charging power, which was introduced last year in October, it will be possible to recharge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 18 minutes.

This is the fastest wireless charging technology in the world, which will require a customized chip and architecture, as well as a special charging system for everything to work without risk of overheating.


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