Foldable Huawei Mate X2 to be unveiled on February 22


Huawei began sending out invitations to an event on February 22, the date on which the firm will unveil its new foldable cell phone, the Mate X2. The presentation teaser indicates that the device will have thin edges.

The event invitation also shows the fold of the smartphone. Apparently, Huawei may apply some changes compared to Mate X, including a more symmetrical design and fold contrary to the previous device of the line.

The company has not yet revealed many details about the device, but Huawei CEO Richard Yu said it is already using the folding device. According to the executive, the smartphone is “full of surprises.”

Galaxy Z Fold 2 enhanced?

Entering the rumors, a leaked image revealed that the phone may arrive with a similar look to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but with some corrections to improve the user experience. According to speculation, the product may even have an extra screen to ensure a better use of the main display, which would not have notches.

The phone would have two cameras on the exterior panel, which can reach covering almost the entire front of the phone. The leaks also point out that the Mate X2 will surprise you with its thin and light look.

So far, all information is just rumors and has not been confirmed by Huawei. More details should appear on the Internet by February 22, if the manufacturer is not required to change its plans.

Huawei remains in the sights of the United States government and, according to speculation, the company may end up selling the Mate and P cell lines in the future.


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