85-99. Tatum leads Celtics, who recover the winning path against Suns


The forward Jayson Tatum regained his status as the Boston Celtics’ leading scorer by contributing a double-double of 26 points and 11 rebounds that allowed his team to return to the winning path after winning 85-99 at home to the Phoenix Suns.

Alongside Tatum, baseman Kemba Walker also scored 19 points that helped the Celtics (11-2) recover from the loss they suffered Sunday night 100-99 against the Sacramento Kings and ended with a 10-run streak. consecutive wins.

Tatum scored 8 of 16 field shots, including 3 of 9 triple attempts, and his weak point was the four turnovers.

The Marcus Smart escort reached 17 points as the second top scorer of the Celtics, but had to leave the field in the fourth period after he suffered a sprained right ankle.

The Celtics, with their balanced attack, also had a great defensive game, which allowed them to always be in control of the scoreboard and conclude a match that was always favorable in the end.

The Boston team came to have a 15-point lead at halftime, and they never allowed it to be reduced to less than nine in the second half.

The Suns, who had the absence of the Spanish base Ricky Rubio, who could not play when suffering from back cramps, were left without their best reference in the direction of the attack and could never shine as they had done in previous games.

The Phoenix team (7-5) never showed cohesion in the joint game and simply responded to the Celtics with individual actions.

The direction that Rubio imposes in the team game when he is in the field when handling and distributing the ball disappeared from the team that trains Monty Williams and the Celtics took full advantage.

Hispanic escort Devin Booker ended up as the leader of the Suns attack by scoring 20 points, but distributed only four assists.

While the forward that forward Kelly Oubre Jr. reached 15 points and captured six rebounds. Croatian power forward Dario Saric with nine points and 10 rebounds was the best player in the Suns in the paint, without being able to avoid defeat in the end.


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