82% Of WhatsApp Users In Spain Will Accept Their New Conditions


WhatsApp: It is the drama of the week: To give you a quick summary, the new WhatsApp Terms and Privacy Policies are giving the messaging application headaches since they (badly) announced last January. Here you have the most summarized story in this link, but in short, that notice that you have been seeing for months appear when you open WhatsApp is for you to accept these conditions before May 15, which has already passed.

But the question is straightforward: Have you accepted the new terms, or will you accept them just tomorrow when the deadline is up?

82% will accept the new WhatsApp terms

The answer to this question will be mostly positive in Spain, at least according to a survey sent to Europa Press by the Appinio research platform, which has asked a number of people between 15 and 65 about this. The survey shows that:

– 64% of people are unaware of the existence of this latest update in the terms and conditions of the service owned by Facebook

– 46% of those surveyed do not know what data the instant messaging platform can access. – 77% of people are concerned about how their data is used on WhatsApp

– 63% accept the new conditions just to be able to continue using the service.

The latter is due to the fact that personal and family networks are on WhatsApp (67%) or are already familiar with how this application works (38%).

“They are unacceptable / Well, I don’t care”

As with everything, there are opposing positions, and there are those who consider these terms unacceptable – and think like Germany – and who do not care about the issue and what they do with their data. Thus:

– 18% say they do not accept the new terms and conditions as they are considered “unacceptable”,

– 19% admit that it does not matter “at all” to accept these terms in order to continue using the service in the future.


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