8 Unpopular Opinions about Jurassic World: Domination, according to Reddit


It’s been a couple of weeks since Jurassic World Dominion was released and completed the beloved dinosaur franchise. Grossing over $645 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo), the film looks set to be one of this summer’s biggest releases and will end the theatrical series on a high note.

However, despite the financial success, this does not mean that critics and fans were the same, as they were divided, which provoked some unpopular opinions. On Reddit, viewers shared a variety of unpopular opinions about this prehistoric finale.

It was necessary to divide it into two parts

Referring to the long time working on Jurassic World: Dominion, Luispaistallon suggested one possible idea they could do: share it. Just like some of the biggest blockbusters and how they split the epic title into 2 parts, they thought it “should be two movies”.

Although some films do really well with their super-long running time, this does not necessarily mean that separating films is bad. As with Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and The Hobbit, the director could have split the latter film into two parts, and this would have given him more time to concretize the character arcs and maintain a consistent and fascinating storyline. through.

Fans of the film

The film may dominate the box office, but that doesn’t mean it has the same level of success when it comes to critics. At the time of writing this article, we had a 30% stake on Rotten Tomatoes, but many critics, unfortunately, just didn’t fall in love with it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the same for moviegoers and fans, as there are those who just love it. aanda1912 is one of those who stated, “I just like this movie. In my opinion, it’s better than the original, and I had a lot of fun watching it.” Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, so if they liked the previous parts, they will probably like this one.

This is the 2nd best after Jurassic Park

Although fans of the 1993 film may not see the series he created in comparison with the original, the discussion about which of them are the best after him seems to have been divided among fans. But despite the negative reaction of most critics, J-in-the-UK named “Dominion” the second best film in the entire franchise.

“It’s no better than the original, but after it, it’s the best movie in the series.” Despite the subsequent filmmakers and their attempts to bring back the magic, even they admitted that Spielberg had made a film “close to what we have ever come to a ‘perfect’ film.” There’s a reason it ranks first among the best dinosaur movies on IMDb.

Poorly edited

Among the reviews posted on Reddit, PaperyWhistle was one of the most negative about the film. Breaking down their reasons, one of the biggest was the editing, as they say, “It’s so badly edited that it borders on a category B movie.”

And this post prompted some comments from other Redditors who thought the same. From “structural editing needs to be seen to be believed” to “poorly edited, written mess”, it seems that editing for the film was one of the reasons many critics and fans were disappointed with it.

Jeff Goldblum’s speech

In the same post as PaperyWhistle, commenters sparked a discussion around one of the stars: Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm. While many were happy to see him reunite with some of the stars from Jurassic Park, not everyone was thrilled with Goldblum’s performance.

It started when MouseMD369 stated that the actor “plays Jeff Goldblum in everything he does now.” Although many adore the actor since he appeared in other films such as Thor: Ragnarok, some had to agree with them in this unpopular opinion. It looks like this movie will not be included in the top ten of Goldblum’s films on Metacritic.

Fandom and expectations

With a series that has lasted almost 30 years, it’s no surprise that many longtime fans have been attached to this latest film. In addition, expectations from him will be the highest, which may not have been in previous films.

RaptorSitek has created a subreddit that talks about how fandom and expectations will affect the success of the film. “Maybe ‘dinosaur fight’ is all you want from the series, but the original 1994 movie had that and a lot more.” As fans of the first film, they are disappointed that the only thing “the Jurassic series has done for us is that we are used to mediocrity.”

Toxic behavior

After the release of the film, fans were divided in their opinion about the final product. And a post from RaptorSitek in a previous post sparked a discussion about whether the franchise’s fans were affected by toxic behavior or not.