8 tips for beginners in Turbo Golf racing


Turbo Golf Racing seems to be a fusion of Rocket League and golf. A mix of ultra-fast cars and golf with the ultimate goal of getting a giant futuristic golf ball across the stage to the hole as quickly as possible, hopefully etching rivals along the way. The frantic and intense Turbo Golf Racing game aims to captivate players with easy-to-learn and play experiences and great progress.

Don’t worry, there are some very useful tips and tricks that will help novice rocket-powered golfers get comfortable. This is not a team game, which means that any tips and tricks can be mastered by playing alone against opponents in this match. Although practice certainly makes perfection in such a game, the following tips and tricks for beginners should help a little.

8. Speed is your friend

First of all, Turbo Golf Racing is a game about golf, namely how to quickly and efficiently deliver a golf ball to the end of the stage in the hope of taking 1st place with the fastest time. Unsurprisingly, the main thing here is speed. Fortunately, rocket-powered cars are incredibly fast and have plenty of acceleration options.

The scheme of each stage is completely different: some simply guide players along the standard path from A to B, but others are more complex and offer multi-level paths to get to the hole at the end. No matter which stage is next in line, make sure that speed is more important than anything else.

7 Search for items

Interestingly, Turbo Golf Racing also has bonuses that players will find in most karting races. The bonuses in this game are simpler and more minimalistic, but if used correctly, they can change the game. Pickups are easily indicated surrounded by large cartoon visuals. Pickups can make or break a player’s run at this stage.

Pickups and bonuses are presented in the form of homing missiles, shields and supercharged bottles. Each of these boosts can be used to gain an advantage while playing golf. Homing missiles will aim at the opponent and stun him, shields protect players from missile hits, and pressurized cylinders replenish the boost strip.

6 The ball guide is very convenient

While this may seem pretty obvious, it’s still worth mentioning; the ball guide is very handy and shows players where the ball will hit when hit. This dynamic ball guide can change rapidly depending on the angle at which a rocket-powered car is moving towards it.

While the ball guide can be disabled in the settings menu, this will seriously interfere with the work, as it can really help in driving during the hectic races to the golf hole. Keep the ball guide in sight to see where the ball will land after hitting it.

5 If in doubt, reset

Simply put, it’s very easy to make mistakes in this game. Whether it’s a deviation from the course or a missile hit, loss of speed or throwing the ball in the opposite direction, it’s easy to miss the target. Fortunately, the game gives players the opportunity to drop their car and golf ball.

This may seem like a hindrance, but it can actually be faster than driving back down the track to get to where the ball might be. Although the camera can be changed to detect the ball, resetting the settings is usually the best option for a more efficient return to the race. In addition, the boost meter is replenished after the reset, so this is a big plus.

4. Priority of unlocking cores

One of the most interesting and nuanced components of the Turbo Golf Racing gameplay is the addition of active and passive cores. These cores can be unlocked and equipped from the main menu, and they give players a nice little boost both actively and passively, depending on which ones are equipped.

There are many cores that can be unlocked during the game. Some of them can be unlocked in single player mode, while others require certain feats in a multiplayer game. Fortunately, the game clearly tells players how to unlock each of them. Some cores give buffs, for example, for hitting the ball from a long distance or achieving higher speeds.

3 Train and earn stars in single player mode

Turbo Golf Racing has made a smart move by adding a full-fledged single mode to the game. Single Player mode allows players to enjoy a variety of courses and time trials in three different biomes. Solo mode is basically just a massive training mode that allows you to get used to flying through the levels and successfully hitting the ball, but earning stars in this mode can help unlock cores.

Before jumping into the online lobby, it would be nice to go through some rather difficult races in single-player mode. These single challenges will give most players a good idea of how golf racing works in this game.


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