8 things you didn’t notice from movie The Kissing Booth 2


‘The Kissing Stand’ is one of the most popular films of the moment, did you notice these details from the film? Discover these curiosities of the characters and the plot here.

The two ‘The Kissing Booth’ movies are inspired by a Beth Reekles book saga, the American writer began writing the love story of Elle, Noah and Marco in the Wattpad app.

Thanks to its success as a youth and romantic novel, the Netflix platform acquired the rights to the story to bring it to the screen, the first installment of the film was trained on May 11, 2018.

This 2020, Netflix published the second part of ‘The kissing stand’, where Elle Evans puts her heart in trouble due to feelings that the handsome Noah and Marco awaken in her, the fans of the film were divided into Team Noah and Team Marco .

‘The Kissing Booth 2’ is one of the most popular Netflix stories today, but have you noticed these details of the movie ?, We tell you some things you did not see in ‘The booth of kisses 2’.

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What character from the movie ‘The Kissing Booth’ would you be? In our fun test, find out if you are compatible with Elle, Marco or Noah, we invite you to visit: Which character from The Kissing Booth are you?


Before filming ‘The Kissing Booth 2’, Joey King participated in the series ‘The Act’ where he had to shave his hair to interpret his role, which is why in the second installment of ‘The Kissing Booth 2’, the Talented young woman had to resort to a wig.

Chloe and Noah

Many of the fans thought that between Chole and Noah there was a past, because both were somewhat affectionate, had a lot of confidence and were very close, so the followers believe that they could be boyfriends.

Marco and Elle’s dance

One of the scenes that fans enjoyed the most from ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ was the dance of Marco and Elle, in the film you see a great stage and many people watching their performance, but this scene was shot on green screen, a tool to modify the video with editing. WOW.


Elle Evans’ first name is Rochelle, although she is hardly mentioned in the movie ‘The Kissing Booth’, on college applications if her full name appears.

Mamma Maria

At the romantic dinner that Elle and Noah have in Boston, they go to the Mamma Maria restaurant, a place that specializes in Italian cuisine, since this is a very famous place in the United States.

Joey King’s fear

Elle’s character moves around the city on a motorcycle, but actress Joey King is afraid of this transport, so in many scenes a crane had to be used to sign, her work impressed her colleagues because on the screen it reflects a lot security.


When Elle visits Noah, the boy upon receiving her shows a sign that says dice Elle Evans ’, hugging Elle, Noah throws the love message, impacting on the backpack of an extra from the movie.

OMG girls

One of the actresses who participates in ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ as part of the ‘OMG’ club was replaced, Jessica Sutton played Mia, but in this second part, Camila Wolfson appears, both are very similar.

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