8 Settings That Windows 11 Users Should Change Immediately


We are talking about the settings you need to make after installation for Windows 11, which Microsoft officially released on October 5, 2021.


After a long wait, Windows 11 has been officially released for all computer users around the world. The new operating system, which presents a visually brand new interface and offers various performance improvements, is available for users to install on their systems as of today.

In this article, we take a look at some settings that you may want to make right after installing Windows 11, that can make your job easier, and how you can do them.

Turn off notifications completely

Some users may not like the notifications that entered our lives after Windows 8. If you don’t want a constant pop-up about Windows 11 from the bottom right, just go to System > Notifications and remove the ticks in the picture.

Turn off ads completely for Windows 11

Microsoft automatically obtains your permission to show you a number of ads based on your Windows 11 usage and Microsoft Store preferences. If you don’t want to share any of your information or see ads with Windows, simply untick the above options from the Privacy and security > General tab.

Switch to local account

Although it includes advantages such as storing your application preferences and settings, some users may not want to use their Microsoft account for Windows. Especially for users who want to log in without a password, it is a must to switch to a local account. You can switch to the local account by clicking the relevant tab in Accounts > Your Information.

Changing your Windows 11 default browser

Microsoft, which was very insistent on imposing the Edge browser in the days when Windows 10 was first released, gave up this insistence in the next process. If you don’t want to use Edge for any web format, go to Applications > Default applications, search for your favorite browser’s name, click on the application and replace all tabs on the page with your own browser.

Removing the Suggested tab in the start menu

There is also a setting for those who do not want to use the start menu more simply and see the recommended applications / recently used applications. If you go to Personalization > Start tab and untick the options marked above, you will not see extra icons in the Start menu.

Adding the Folders tab to the start menu

We recommend this setting if you want tiny icons to access frequently used folders like Pictures, Videos and Music in your start menu. All you have to do is go to Personalization > Start > Folders tab and tick all the icons above.

Turn off autoplay for Microsoft Store

This article will be especially useful for internet users with quota and those who do not like auto-start videos. Introductory videos about applications and games are automatically launched in the Microsoft Store. To deactivate it, click on your profile from the top right and close the relevant tabs in the application settings.

Changing the power mode of the operating system

Although changing the power mode of my system can be done through the Control Panel, you can now easily change your power mode from the Settings tab. You can go to the System > Power menu and select the mode you want. Best performance mode consumes more power, while in best power efficiency mode you can sacrifice performance and reduce power consumption.

We have listed the first settings you need to make for Windows 11. So, is there a different setting you recommend? Do not forget to share your views with us.


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