8 Photos of Felix to appreciate the beauty of his freckles


Felix will make you fall in love with the best photos of his freckles, one of his most characteristic features that make him unique.

Freckles are small spots on the skin of white people that appear due to excess pigmentation, or caused by the sun and lighting. For many it is an adorable and enviable trait and Felix from Stray Kids has this trait that makes him unique and that has fallen in love with Stay, because it gives him an attractive appearance.

Although it seems a normal and hereditary trait, it is not, at least in Chinese belief, it is said that freckles are like constellations in the universe and hide a meaning according to the position they occupy on your face, this belief comes from teaching of the Tao, the theory that talks about Yin and Yang.


Felix has freckles on his nose, cheeks, and on the sides of his face. Their position indicates that he has great willpower, he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to, it is not surprising that Stray Kids is gradually gaining relevance. They also indicate that you will have good luck in love. Freckles on his forehead or the sides of his head describe him as a passionate person for what he does that will achieve his goals from a young age.

To better appreciate his features, we leave you a list with 8 photos that demonstrate the beauty of Felix’s freckles. Recently, Stray Kids made their comeback with “Back Door”, recreate the style of idols with these outfits.

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Without makeup

Felix loves Stay when he does not have makeup, as his freckles look natural and show that he is a beautiful trait.


The fans have played with their freckles and have formed the constellations that form in them, since they are the same as the stars.


his freckles are part of his daily image, it is one of the features that stand out the most on his face.


Without a doubt, her freckles are what stands out the most on her face, it gives her a shiny, adorable and beautiful appearance.


Felix also takes advantage of his freckles and in the looks he occupies during comebacks, his freckles are part of his outfit and he tries to hide them as little as possible with makeup.


The tone of his freckles is dark and light brown, the idol has even joked with them and tried to count them all.


Felix knows that his freckles are one of his most adorable and attractive features, so he always tries to show them off in front of the camera.


The blonde highlights the idol’s freckles much more, Felix is ​​from Australia, so it is normal for him to look like a white-skinned boy with unique features.


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