8 online course options to take while on vacation

Summer holidays and Christmas and New Year’s breaks are ideal for enjoying the family, relaxing after a difficult and tiring year. But you can also take the time off to expand your knowledge by taking an online course.

There are great options for cheap courses on the Udemy platform, covering different segments, many of them combining fun and learning, after all you also need to learn things that are not 100% work-related.

Which course to choose? We have selected eight incredible suggestions that are fast-paced and have no minimum requirements. Check out!

Personal Marketing Course

Personal marketing strategies can help you have a successful career. This online course gives important tips for using them without falling into self-promotion and avoiding looking arrogant.

You will learn how to use social media strategically and how to turn LinkedIn contacts into an almost inexhaustible source of opportunities, among other things.

Professional photography course for beginners

What course to take if you can’t take bad pictures anymore? In this option for beginners, students learn the basic principles and develop their own photographic look.

The online photography course is also ideal for discovering how to use the camera’s manual mode, in addition to introducing lighting concepts, basic photo editing and photos on your cell phone.

Music Theory Course from Basic to Advanced

The time at home during the holidays can also be used to learn or expand your musical knowledge. In this inexpensive course, the content addresses the learning of reading score and musical structuring.

At the end, the participant will be able to read a musical score without difficulty, identify the tonality of a song, assemble chords of three and four sounds and much more.



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