8 K-Pop Idols Who Have Their Own Cafeterias In Korea


Check out some K-Pop idol cafes found in South Korea.Many K-pop idols work at what they love, dance, sing and express their passion for music on different stages around the world, Korean entertainment artists practice for years to demonstrate all their artistic skills.

There are some idols who, despite having succeeded in music, decided to open a business becoming entrepreneurs, some others have supported their families to promote their establishments.

This time we present to you 8 idols who own a café or their family has a coffee in South Korea, meet the incredible businesses of South Korean artists who have an interesting concept and environments.

Many tourists say South Korea is a coffee shop paradise, as there are a variety of establishments offering hot, cold drinks, snacks and desserts. Tell us, which cafe of these K-pop idols is your favorite?

Suzy’s Caffe Soo

Suzy is one of the most famous singers and actresses in South Korea, she decided to open Caffe Soo, although her mother is in control of the business, the cafeteria is adorned with pictures of the idol. Caffe Soo is located in Gwangju city.


One of Jimin’s father’s biggest dreams was to have a cafeteria of his property, so Jimin helped him to consolidate his project and now his father owns the ‘MANGNATE’ cafeteria in Busan City, an elegant establishment specialized in drinks.

Yesung Mouse & Rabbit

The Super Junior member founded his cafeteria as one of his most important projects, the Yesung establishment is located in the Gwangjin Gu neighborhood in the city of Seoul in South Korea.

See Also

Cafe Aewol Monsant by G-Dragon

The BIGBAG rapper’s café is located on the heavenly island of Jeju in South Korea, one of the characteristics of the establishment is that the view overlooks the coast, if you want a magical moment, Cafe Aewol Monsant de G-Dragon is ideal for you.

Donghae’s Haru & OneDay

The Super Junior member’s café opened in the warm Seongdong Gu neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea, the idol establishment offers a variety of drinks, breakfast, desserts and an original atmosphere.

Eunhyunk Bonbon Chocolat

The establishment was managed by Eunhyunk’s parents, the idol was Super Junior occasionally attending the cafeteria. Unfortunately Chocolat Bonbon was closed.

Cafe Dani de Niel

This cafeteria is run by Niel’s parents, the idol of the Teen Top group was inspired by her real name to name the establishment, the singer’s name is Ahn Daniel. Cafe Dani is located in Anyang Si, Gyeonggi Do in South Korea.

Kai’s Kamong Cafe

Although the café belongs to its older sister, the EXO member was one of her inspirations to create the name of the establishment, the café is famous for its pastries and drinks. Kamong Cafe is located at Seocho Gu in Seoul.


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