8 K-pop idols who could be your best friends


These K-pop idols are the best friends you could ever have, find out who would be the ideal type for you. Human relationships are usually complicated, many times we get along with people in an incredible way and we have a unique connection, it should not necessarily be in a romantic way, because those girls or boys become our best friends, people to whom we tell everything, we trust blindly and we have special and very personal moments with them.

K-pop idols have also become important people, although we do not know them in person, they have inspired us to be better thanks to their actions and personality, we have learned based on their history, life lessons and advice, even with their music and way of being. What would they be like if they were our best friends?

Friendship is one of the strongest relationships that exist, it could even be said that it never ends, unlike love, you can know that person since you are a child, or find them in the worst moments, at work, at university, or by chance in a cafeteria or concert and they will become inseparable.


You may have differences in their way of being, tastes and ways of seeing life, but they get along so well in other aspects that for a reason they are best friends and they know each other better than anyone. Find out which K-pop idol could be your best friend.


Jungkook from BTS

BTS’s maknae has proven to be a great friend, you would have hours of fun with him, reading webtoons, enjoying video games, they could even share a matching tattoo to show their friendship. Jungkook has shown that he greatly admires his teammates.


Super Junior’s Donghae

He is a very gentle and kind idol, you can talk very interesting things with him, also, if you can’t speak Korean, he will try hard to try to make conversation in English. He is a great friend who will support you in everything.

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SHINee’s Taemin

The idol may look shy, but he is someone who could help you develop your talents, in addition, he is sociable when he is confident, not for nothing has he debuted in several generations of K-pop and he gets along well with all his peers, even if some are minor. that he.

Felix from Stray Kids

The adorable Felix is ​​the best friend you could have, you could even adopt a cat between the two of you and raise it together as a symbol of your friendship. Although he may seem shy, Felix is ​​someone with a fun personality who will always give you words of encouragement.

EXO’s Sehun

He is one of the funniest and naughtiest maknaes in K-pop, his cuteness will make you want to protect him. He is someone who is sociable with people who give him confidence, he does not care about his age, one of his great friends is Super Junior’s Donghae. They could share sleepovers, beauty routines, or video game nights.


BTOB’s Sungjae

The idol proved to be a great friend and confidant in the drama “Who Are You? Schol 2015. He helped the protagonist a lot and always protected her, he would be the best ally and confidant you could meet.


The leader of Bangtan has shown to have a great intellect, you will never get bored with him and you will always have interesting conversations, also, do not doubt that he will always support you in the most difficult moments of life. Namjoon has become the inspiration for many girls.

GOT7’s BamBam

It would be one of your great friends, BamBam always tries to be in contact with his fans, he would do the same if he was your best friend, also, nothing better than having fun with your BFF experiencing changes of looks with his hair, they can even make it matching symbol of his friendship, someone sincere and funny like him is the person you need.


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