8 idols who have big, masculine hands


Meet the K-pop idols who possess big, masculine hands. The stars of K-pop groups have not only fallen in love with fans with their way of being or their talent, they also steal everyone’s sighs with their physical and body features, details that make them look attractive and that attract their attention for their Beauty.

From the abs, the eyes, the smile, the voice, the arms and the hands, the idols have a great physical attractiveness that increases the love of their fans for them, as they are unique traits that make them look perfect. Our hands help us a lot to gesture things when dancing, make signs like the famous Korean heart that are formed with the thumb and index finger.

This part of the body can cause more than one heart attack for fans, because when they wear rings or have fine fingers, fans consider them to be very beautiful details. We leave you a list with 8 Idols who have big and masculine hands that will make you fall in love.

One of EXO’s main vocalists has large hands that give him great aesthetics thanks to his long and thin fingers. The rings fit him perfectly, in addition, the pale skin of the idol makes him have beautiful hands.

The SHINee member has long and very masculine hands that give him a sensual and attractive touch, his hands cover his entire face, in addition, they highlight his veins, features that are usually attractive to women in relation to the masculine and sexy.

The BTS idol has large hands with long fingers that give him a fine and aesthetic look that stands out when he wears rings. In addition, some of their veins stand out, causing them to look attractive and masculine.

G Dragon
The quintessential BIGBANG rapper has large, averagely proportioned hands, although his fingers don’t look slender, his size gives him a touch of rudeness and sensuality, especially when he wears silver rings.

The GOT7 member, despite having a tender appearance and calm personality, has tender and delicate hands, his long fingers are thin and give him an aesthetic appearance.

The SEVENTEEN member, in addition to being very talented and a great songwriter, has large hands with small fingers that give him a cute look, as Woozy often plays with them and uses them as if they were small claws.

V is usually calm and adorable, but his hands give him great sensuality, especially when he uses them to gesture at dances. His hands are large, with long and thin fingers that look aesthetic when he wears rings, and when his veins stand out he gives him a sexy and masculine touch.

Yook SungJae
The BTOB singer has a great personality and also very masculine hands due to his size that contrasts with his cute and funny face.


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