8 horror movies for those who liked Netflix movies


Horror Movies: In recent weeks, Netflix has released the Fear Street trilogy (in the original), which teased subscribers with truly chilling scenes. In addition to a plot with surprising twists, the films captivated the audience, appearing in the top 10 of the platform for many days.

With that in mind, enjoy this list full of titles with similar aspects. Prepare your heart and come check out all these tips!

8. Candyman

Released in 1992, this film is a great example of how productions with dangerous assassins can be filled with dramatic layers. The story follows high school student Helen (Virginia Madsen) as she researches local superstitions on a Chicago housing project.

With that, she becomes involved with the urban legend of Candyman, who starts to chase her at every possible moment. At heart, the film is quite provocative, serving as a metaphor for social and racial segregation in the United States.

7. Pyewacket — Evil Entity

Available on Amazon Prime Video, the plot features Leah Reyes (Nicole Muñoz), who is still getting over the unexpected loss of her father. Thinking about changing their perspective on life and also that of their mother, the two decide to spend some time isolated in a forest.

But after an argument between them, Leah ends up summoning a demon from one of the occult books present in the place and everything starts to fall apart. It is interesting to see, in this sense, how grief can really provoke other impressive feelings in all those who experience it.

6. Kairo

Directed by Japanese filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Kairo is a film about loneliness, loss and suicide. Intertwining with issues about technology, the production develops from an evil entity that would have owned some computers and caused sudden changes in the daily lives of some people.

There are extremely graphic and shocking scenes of violence related to the death of individuals who have come into contact with this curse, showing how all kinds of problems can be severe for people who have to face them. The film is also full of ghosts.

5. The Cordial Animal

Winner of several important awards at festivals around the world, Gabriela Amaral Almeida’s film places all the central characters as hostages of inconsequential bandits. Despite the imminence of death they all have to face, there are other kinds of fear that come to the screen.

It is at this point that many of those who appeared to be harmless show their true intentions in the face of completely absurd facts. Maybe the bad guys aren’t even the most dangerous people in the group and a show bathed in blood is presented to the spectators.

4. The Witch

In many ways, Rua do Medo: 1666 pays tribute to the feature A Bruxa, commercially released in theaters in 2015. Despite several controversies, the production explores the world of women from the past who live in a puritan village. With its ravishing atmosphere, the film engages the audience in different ways.

In this sense, by introducing Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) and his family after they are banished from their original colony, demonic forces begin to exert their true influence on everyone present, showing how innocent people could become what they were accused of one day.

3. The Wicker Man

In this scary movie, Howie (Edward Woodward), a police sergeant, is determined to solve a very disturbing case involving the disappearance of a girl known as Rowan Morrison. For this reason, he travels in search of answers to a somewhat remote community, led by Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee).

When witnessing different rituals, his beliefs are being challenged at all times, making him even forget his initial motivation at certain times.

2. The Wailing

Considered by many to be a masterpiece of contemporary horror, The Wailing was written and directed by South Korean Na Hong-jin. In the plot, Jong-goo (Do-won Kwak) is a policeman trying to discover the causes of an epidemic that is spreading through his city.

When various bizarre events happen, he becomes more and more involved with a dangerous supernatural entity. The film tries to address historical issues involving wars and power struggles between Asian countries.

1. Midsommar

Finally, we highlight a movie that divides opinions and was directed by the famous Ari Aster. After losing her parents in an inexplicable way, young Dani (Florence Pugh) leaves for Sweden with her boyfriend’s friends to attend the summer solstice festival.

Gradually, the group notices the strangeness of the locals as Dani becomes more and more involved with them, culminating in one of the most surprising endings of all contemporary horror films.


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