8 fun facts about 13 Reasons Why you didn’t know


8 fun facts about 13 Reasons Why you didn’t know13 Reasons Why premiered its fourth and final season. The story that started with the death of “Hanna Becker” released new episodes through the Netflix platform.

The plot will focus on life after “Bryce Walker”, who was the bully responsible for the decision made by the protagonist. The drama does not end and neither does the web of lies, since “Clay” and company will have to act before the past and its consequences ruin their future forever, as graduation at Liberty High School approaches. We leave you 8 curiosities of 13 Reasons Why before you start your marathon.

Selena Gomez

Despite the fact that the singer has worked as a producer for this project, Universal acquired the rights to the literary work and 13 Reasons Why would be a film and not a series, which would be starring the singer, but the plans were changed by Netflix.

Based on real events

The story of the book of the same name is based on real events, although it did not end in death. Jay Asher, the author, shared that one of his relatives went through a similar situation and endangered his life, he also clarified that “Hanna’s” experiences were experiences of his wife and her friends.

Hanna was able to survive

The author wanted to give the protagonist a second chance, she could even change the first version of her story, but she realized that depression and bullying is a pretty serious issue, so she left her death as we know it, her intention was to send a message.

Clay’s fate

“Clay”, played by Dylan Minnette, was destined to have a kind of crush on “Hanna”, as the actor played another character in the movie “Chills” and was also interested in a girl with the same name.

Justin Prentice

Justin Prentice, who acted as “Bryce”, went through difficult times when filming the series, as he revealed that during his childhood he suffered from anxiety and stress, he even had the idea of ​​suicide in mind. The actor managed to overcome that stage and recover, although he admits that filming the darkest scenes cost him work.

Changes in the series

During the past seasons, there were many changes and additional elements different from the book, they did it with the intention of exploring the history of other characters and developing the plot adapting it to a television project. For example, the way in which the scenes of the past and the present were developed, the time that “Clay” listened to the tapes of “Hanna”, among others.


Following the series, Selena Gomez also started a movement with a symbolic tattoo consisting of a comma and a period, which represents the support or hope for people who have suffered from depression and have gone through episodes where they put their lives at risk. . It is a way to promote the importance of mental health and its prevention.