8 Disney Images You Can Hear, According to Reddit


There’s always something buzzing with Disney. Whether it’s the parks they have around the world, the games they create, or the shows and movies they produce, Disney always has something in the works. Recently, at the Annecy Festival, Disney announced a new show called Slate. It is expected that the animated series will appear on Disney+ platforms from 2023.

As with every successful network, there are hits and failures. Some of Disney’s most beloved movies, shows, and games are widely discussed on fandom sites like Reddit. Fans have even started posting one image from a Disney movie or show, saying that even though there is no sound, they can still hear the image.

Alan-A-Dale plays his banjo

Alan-A-Dale is a rooster singing folk songs from an important Disney film of his decade — the cartoon “Robin Hood”. The suave singing character first appears at the beginning of the film when he introduces the audience to the story of Robin Hood.

All this time he sang a tune called “Oo-De-Lally”, which stuck in the minds of the audience and is now remembered when fans of the film see the image of Alan-A-Dale. Redditor all-in-one-word shared a GIF image of Alan-A-Dale, and Redditor users instantly heard the melody he sang. Isle_of_cats wrote: “I started whistling it, and my cat looked at me with serious concern, like, ‘oh no, my man broke down.’

This tense woman needed eggs at the beginning of the movie “Beauty and the Beast”

In the opening song to “Beauty and the Beast,” Belle introduced the audience to the small town in which she lived with the help of the song “Bonjour”, which is little talked about. On the way to the bookstore, she sang hello to many of its townspeople and asked how they were, while in perfect tune.

While she was singing about wanting more in life, the woman begged six eggs from the baker, while her hands were occupied with three hot-tempered babies. Her voice was so tense that Reddit user white_butterfly1 shared her image in the Reddit r/picturesyoucanhear category. Then like-minded fans wrote: “I need… six eggs!” in the comments section.

Roz is always watching…

Roz was a minor character in Monster Corporation who didn’t have a special role until the end of the movie when her real identity was revealed. As an employee at Monsters Incorporated, Roz annoyed Mike Wazowski because of paperwork, which he never coped with. Her bubbling voice and slow drawing are still fun to hear fans — even in Disney parks.

Redditor Rated-E-for-Erik shared a photo of Roses from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and wrote: “Can anyone else hear this photo? the good side.” Monster Corporation was one of Pixar’s best films, and the verisimilitude of Roses is a big part of that.

“Ingonyama Nengu Enamabala…”

“The Lion King” is one of the most famous animated films in history. The story of Simba’s ascent to the king was inspiring and magical for viewers of all ages.

At the beginning of the film, images of Africa are shown against the background of a bright sunrise, while the “Circle of Life” is played quietly. For many fans, just one look at this sunrise took them to the state when they first saw the movie with the rhythm in the background. Redditor tehgamingking shared a meme in which the teacher said: “You can’t hear the images,” and the only appropriate response was the sunrise image from “The Lion King,” because viewers can hear the music by looking at it. To remember the rush, viewers can watch this classic musical on Disney+.

Fans knew exactly what was going on when they saw Elsa in this dress and pose

It is not surprising that Redditor user Ragonvald heard this image of Elsa. “Let It Go” Frozen is one of the most successful songs from any animated film. Even Disney fans who have never seen “Cold Heart” have heard of “Let It Go”.

All the Redditor had as a caption for the photo was “Let”, and fans of the scene finished the sentence in the comments section. One look at Elsa in a blue dress in an ice cave, and Disney viewers could already hear the ballad in their heads. In addition to performing one of Disney’s most legendary songs, Elsa has become one of Disney’s most heroic princesses.

The optimistic beginning of the series “Gravity Falls” on the Disney channel

“Gravity Falls” is an animated series on the Disney channel, which lasted only two seasons, but was loved by the audience. Some fans liked the series so much that they could still hear the title song just by seeing a shot of the waterfall from the show’s intro.

Redditor ThatGFFAN shared a meme with Reddit in which a teacher tells a student that he “can’t hear the pictures,” accompanied by an image of a waterfall from Gravity Falls. The animated series was about cute characters Dipper and Mabel, who lived in the creepy town of Gravity Falls for the summer with their uncle. All this time they arrange tourist concerts, exploring the secrets of this unique city.