The 8 most beautiful K-pop idols


Meet the 8 cutest idols in K-pop.

There are some characteristics that identify an idol within the K-pop industry, some are remembered for their incredible musical talent, others for their dancing or rapping skills, and others for their powerful visuals.

There are singers within K-pop who are the perfect combination of cuteness and talent, many of these idols are well-liked for their good humor and grace to be in front of the cameras in different activities and interviews.

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연습 앤 연습

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These eight idols have adorable features, an expressive look, smooth and clean skin, and their features are very interesting and have become a hallmark of their personality and appearance.



Ren, a member of the NU’EST group, is one of the idols who is remembered for his powerful visual and the pretty features that the idol has.


The crowned ‘Worldwide Handsome’ is an idol with a very nice face, he also has an incredible sense of humor and is greatly admired by ARMY.

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Super Junior’s Yesung

The Super Junior member is distinguished by his good looks and great visual, the singer always steals the sighs of his fans for his beauty.

Jinwoo from Winner

Winner’s idol, currently serving his military service, is one of the K-pop singers who has a very expressive and tender face.

EXO’s Baekhyun

The ‘Love Again’ singer is characterized by his beautiful face and great talent for performing tunes, the SM Entertainment idol is also known for his visuals.

Felix from Stray Kids

The JYP Entertainment idol is well known for being a very complete artist, he is also a very cute boy who always shows his love for his fans.

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SHINee’s Key

The member SHINee is highly admired for his artistic abilities, but also for his features that make his visual very iconic.

NCT DREAM’s Jisung

One of the idols who shows off his visual in an adorable way is NCT DREAM’s Jisung, the singer’s beauty makes his fans sigh for him.

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